These Were Our Biggest Photo Stories In 2018

From visual perspectives on current events to historical images that inform the present, here's a look back at some of the most powerful and eye-catching pictures we published this year.

“This Is What the World Looks Like for Kids Traveling in the Caravan”

“15 Dark and Disturbing Pictures From Inside an American Frat House”

“This Is What People in Red States Think About the Women's March”

“7 Portraits That Show Just How Annoying Relationships Can Be”

“These Photos of Women Chugging Beer as They Finish the 4th of July Ironman Are Just Wow”

“These Powerful Photos Show What Life Is Like After a Sexual Assault”

“These Breastfeeding Mums Posed Nude on the Beach and There's Nothing More Beautiful”

“25 Dark and Disturbing Pictures From LA's Criminal Underworld”

“These Pictures Show What It's Like to Have an Identical Twin”

“This Is What It's Like to Attend the Vans Warped Tour One Last Time”

“12 Portraits of Poets Show Sides You Really Wouldn't Expect”

“These Emotional Pictures Show America in the Days After 9/11”

“23 Pictures That Capture the Horrors of the Holocaust”

“These Photos Show What It’s Like to Live in a Walmart Parking Lot After Fleeing a Wildfire”

“California's Trees Are Dying at a Catastrophic Rate”

“What Happened After Standing Rock?”

“19 Incredible Pictures From Over 100 Years Ago”

“8 Rare and Beautiful Pictures From a Pioneer Victorian Photographer”

“These Photos Show the Stark Divide Between Shooting Deaths in Gaza and the Celebrations in Jerusalem”

“Here's What US Political Leaders Looked Like as Youngsters”

“10 Powerful Photos That Capture the Horrors of Illegal Abortions”

“America's Most Famous Pimp Has Died. Here's How He Spent His Final Hours.”

“Two Very Different Koreas Shown in Beautiful Double Exposures”

“23 of the Most Powerful Pictures in Olympic History”

“23 Aerial Photos From the World Cup That Look Like Fine Art”

“Here Are Australia's Toughest Female Athletes on How the Hell They Do It”

“Frida Kahlo Fans Dressed as the Artist at Frida Fest and the Results Are Captivating”

“This Is What It's Like to Live With Toxic Tap Water in California”

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