People Are Defending Sophie Turner Against Misogynistic Comments Asking Where Her Kids Are After She Posted A Bunch Of Photos With Her Rumored New Boyfriend

“I just came from scrolling through Joe’s photo comments, and very surprisingly NO ONE is asking about his kids... I wonder why,” one person wrote.

Months after her divorce from Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner hard-launched her rumored new boyfriend on Instagram yesterday.

A closeup of Sophie on the red carpet in a long-sleeved outfit

For some quick context, Sophie and Joe were married for four years. During this time, they welcomed two kids: Willa and Delphine, who are three and one respectively.

joe and sophie looking at each other at the met gala

The news of Sophie and Joe’s split came as a total shock to pretty much everyone last September, with Sophie herself alleging in legal filings that she only learned of Joe’s decision to file for divorce after seeing reports in the media.

And between their heated custody battle, accusations that Joe “abducted” their kids, and that infamous ring camera footage, it’s safe to say that their split quickly became one of the messiest celebrity breakups of 2023.

The former couple on the red carpet

While the exes eventually agreed to navigate their divorce amicably, Sophie sadly found herself at the center of criticism after sources attributed to Joe’s camp painted her in a negative light in the press.

Although Sophie has been defended by fans who pointed out how “misogynistic” the media coverage around the divorce was, she has unfortunately still faced heaps of mom-shaming comments — namely under her Instagram posts.

A few weeks ago, when she shared a bunch of photos with her friends and stated that “2023 was the year of the girlies,” several people took to the comments to question if she’d “forgotten” her kids.

“For the girls but obviously not your daughters,” one comment read. “You seem to have forgotten that you have girls who are gonna suffer the consequences of your actions 🤷🏻‍♀️ better prepare yourself,” someone else wrote.

have you forgotten your children?

Not long after, when Sophie shared a photo of herself on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, she was told by trolls to “go take care” of her children.

And now, Sophie is facing similar disgusting comments after sharing a series of new pictures featuring her rumored boyfriend, Peregrine Pearson, whom she was first linked with back in October.

In one of the pictures, which were from a group ski trip, Peregrine could be seen with his arm around Sophie. In another, they were sitting side by side on a ski lift.

The comments under Sophie’s post were immediately filled with horrific comments. “Where are your kids?” one person wrote, while someone else said, “Be a mom.”

shame on you

It’s important to note that Sophie has never posted photos of her kids publicly, and has spoken out repeatedly about her and Joe’s shared desire to raise them in private. Just last year, she wrote in an Instagram statement, “Our children deserve the right to grow up out of the public eye, to learn and grow in private.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Sophie and Joe ultimately agreed to evenly split custody of their children, meaning that they spend equal amounts of time with her in the UK, and with him in the US.

Jumping to Sophie’s defense now, one person wrote, “Why do people care where her children are? I don't see them in her posts from when she was married?! Why the concern now... other than because they feel it is the opportune time to mum shame.”

“You guys realize as a woman that we have an identity outside of having our children right? A woman is more than just a mother. Let her move on,” someone else said.

And other fans went on to point out that Joe — who is currently rumored to be dating model Stormi Bree — has not received comments under his posts reminding him of his status as a parent.

“Okay so I just came from scrolling through Joe’s photo comments, and very surprisingly NO ONE is asking about his kids… so weird🧐 I wonder why,” one person said, while someone else agreed that it’s a “stupid” “double standard.”

anyone asking where her kids are need to ask themselves if they'd ever ask this question to a man... and the answer is no

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