“The Kardashians” Fans Think That Kourtney’s Recent Comment About North West Being Kim’s “Lesson” Had A Whole Different Meaning To It After Seeing Her Behavior In The Latest Episode

“Kim was walking around Asia saying Kourtney and Khloe look cheap and terrible, now it’s coming back to her,” one fan tweeted.

It’s no secret that North West has always been a very outspoken child — especially when it comes to fashion.

And this week, fans saw North at her most critical after she gave her mom, Kim Kardashian, some brutally honest style advice in the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians.

Joining Kim ahead of the 2023 Met Gala, North made it clear that she didn’t quite approve of her Schiaparelli dress, which was made by the renowned designer Daniel Roseberry.

When Daniel himself told North, “I heard you were into the look,” she replied, “Yeah, well, it could be just a little better.”

Going on to critique the dress a little more closely, the 10-year-old said, “There’s way too much gaps in the pearls. It looks like she’s a Hawaiian girl with her dress all ripped... The pearls look fake.”

Kim then let North know that the pearls were in fact real and “very expensive.” However, North maintained that she felt they looked like they were “from the dollar store.”

Kim later asked North to go easy on her with her critical remarks, prompting North to say, “I’m not gonna lie. I won’t say it at all if you don’t want me to. I’m not gonna lie.”

Speaking in a confessional, Kim — who previously admitted that North “intimidates” her at the best of times — revealed that while she admires the child’s honesty, she’s trying to teach her not to “jump in and annihilate people for no reason.”

“There’s a way to be honest and not hurt people’s feelings,” Kim told North. “I want you to learn that because there’s a way to say, ‘You know, I might not love that.’”

But nevertheless, North didn’t hold back later on in the episode when it came to critiquing the looks of Kim’s fellow Met attendees — one of whom happened to be her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

“Hate it!” North shouted while looking at a photo of Pete’s outfit. “You’re going to the Met Gala, Pete. Not the gas station.”

Since the episode aired this week, several clips of North and Kim’s interactions have circulated across social media — and it’s safe to say that people have mixed thoughts.

On one hand, several internet users have praised Kim for letting North express herself openly, and for teaching her not to be so brutal without scolding her.

“it’s so cool that Kim shows interest in North’s opinions and actually talks with her about them rather than just telling her to sit down and shut up,” one tweet read.

“Kim clearly believes in allowing her daughter to be herself and learn that her opinion and feelings matter. North seems filterless, not rude,” someone else said.

However, others felt that North was being “disrespectful” and “flippant.” And interestingly, some fans went on to speculate that Kim’s sister Kourtney had previously made a reference to this side of North’s behavior in a recent episode.

Earlier this season, Kim revealed that Kourtney — whom she recently squashed her infamous feud with — “always” tells her that North is her “lesson.”

“Kourtney always says North is my lesson on this planet. It means I'm supposed to learn more patience. She teaches me patience. She has taught me a lot about life,” Kim shared.

Well, after watching the latest episode of the Hulu show, some viewers couldn’t help but speculate that Kourtney’s message had a whole different layer to it.

“She tried to say Kourtney called North ‘her lesson’ because she ‘teaches her patience’ but nope, *this* is what Kourtney meant,” someone wrote under a clip of North criticizing Kim.

“North be treating Kim’s ass like Kim treats everybody else,” they added, while several others suggested that North’s delivery of criticism bears many similarities with the way Kim has openly critiqued her sisters in the past.

“Kim was walking around Asia saying Kourtney and Khloe look cheap and terrible, now it’s coming back to her,” one person wrote, referring to the time Kim told her sisters that their outfits made them look like “fucking clowns” while they were all away in Japan.

“the delivery is allll kim,” someone else suggested, while other users suggested that North’s unfiltered criticism is also super similar to the way her dad, Kanye West, styled Kim during — and after — their marriage.

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