North West Brutally Dragged Pete Davidson’s Met Gala Outfit After Saying Her Mom’s Dress Looked Like It Was From The “Dollar Store”

From Pete Davidson to Paris Hilton, North did not hold back from sharing her thoughts on this year’s Met Gala looks.

For many parents, your kids are often your harshest critics — and Kim Kardashian is no exception.

In last week’s episode of The Kardashians, we got an inside glimpse as Kim prepared her pearly Schiaparelli look for the 2023 Met Gala, relieved to have secured the “stamp of approval” from North, who exclaimed over FaceTime that she loved the dress.

However, this week we learned that it wasn’t going to be that easy to win over her eldest daughter.

In this week’s special Met Gala episode, Kim headed to New York for the event, enlisting North, Penelope, and Scott Disick for support.

On April 30, the day before the Met, Kim and North met with Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli and the mastermind behind her gown.

Even if you’re not into fashion, you’ll probably be familiar with Daniel’s work. Since taking over the fashion house in 2019, he’s made fans of everyone from Beyoncé to Adele.

Remember when Kylie Jenner stepped out in Paris wearing a lion’s head on her chest? Or Bella Hadid’s iconic lung dress at Cannes Film Festival? That was all Daniel.

But, despite being hailed as the “internet’s favorite fashion designer,” it seems Daniel is still no match for North West.

When she rocked up to the final fitting at the hotel, Daniel asked North: “I heard you were into the look,” prompting her to reply casually: “Yeah, well, it could be just a little better.”

Eager to get her “notes,” Kim and Daniel proceeded to ask North how she thought the dress could be improved with only a matter of hours before showtime.

“There’s way too much gaps in the pearls,” she began. “It looks like she’s a Hawaiian girl with her dress all ripped… The pearls look fake.”

In response, Kim assured her daughter that the pearls were in fact “very expensive” and real, prompting her to suggest she could do with “a lesson on pearls.”

Despite this, North insisted that the dress wasn’t giving the luxury vibe they were going for, saying instead that Kim looked “beachy.”

“I like the pearls,” North added. “I just don’t like that it looks like [it’s] from the dollar store.”

Listening in to the conversation in complete horror, Daniel said it was his “worst nightmare come to life.”

“It’s like I’m being punked the night before the Met. Getting read for filth by a nine year old,” he said directly to the camera.

Eager to get a better understanding of North’s taste ahead of the final fitting, Daniel asked if there were any of her mom’s Met Gala looks from the past decade that she did like.

“My favorite one is the water drips,” she responded, referring to the iconic wet-look Mugler dress Kim wore to the 2019 Met alongside Kanye.

“Water drips was my favorite too,” Daniel added, before Kim asked North to rate her highly controversial Balenciaga look from 2021.

“What about the Balenciaga with my face covered?” she asked, leaving herself vulnerable to North’s scathing comments.

“It looked like you’re getting covered by a plastic bag, and you’re suffocating and you can’t see,” she responded with a laugh.

They concluded the walk down memory lane by commenting on Kim’s first ever Met Gala appearance in 2013, when she wore a very memorable floral dress by Givenchy while pregnant with North.

“I really don’t like that one,” North replied, backed up by her Uncle Scott, who agreed that “nobody liked that one.”

Quite done with the roasting, Kim put a stop to the discussion and pleaded that North take it easy on her as they proceed with the fitting.

“I am,” she assured her mom, before adding: “I’m not gonna lie. I won’t say it at all if you don’t want me to. I’m not gonna lie.”

Fast forward to the fitting, and North stayed true to her word, giving Daniel her unfiltered thoughts as he wriggled Kim into her flesh colored corset.

“That gonna give you, like, a wedgie?” North asked, prompting Kim to say that she’s prioritizing style over comfort.

She then proceeded to tell her mom she looked like the “moon,” and while it’s unclear if she was intending to be complimentary, Kim was flattered.

In her confessional, Kim praised North’s honesty, but said she’s really trying to teach her not to “jump in and annihilate people for no reason.”

“There’s a way to be honest and not hurt people’s feelings,” Kim told North during the fitting. “I want you to learn that because there’s a way to say, ‘You know, I might not love that.’”

In response, North proceeded to mimic Kim’s voice, telling her: “You know, I might not love your necklace or your outfit, but I’m just trying to support you, because, you know, whatever you like, you know. Was that good?”

But, in spite of all her criticism, North was happy with the finished outcome, telling her mom she looked “beautiful” just as she was about to hit the red carpet.

Due to the Gala’s strict no under 18s policy, North will sadly have to wait a little longer before she can be Kim’s date. However, that didn’t stop her from critiquing the all looks as if she was there.

Watching the red carpet livestream from the hotel with Scott, Penelope, and Dani, Kim’s stylist, North played Fashion Police as she rated each look, at one point yelling at the TV: “What the heck is he wearing?! You wanna stand out and everything, but blue?”

“All North wants to do is rate people’s outfits. And she loves to critique — North is like the new Joan Rivers, if you ask me,” Kim said in her confessional. “And you can’t really take it seriously getting roasted by a 10-year-old, you know? So, I never do, but it stings a little.”

Between criticisms, she had high praise for Kendall, La La Anthony, and Paris Hilton — the latter she noted has been friends with her mom for “like, a hundred years.” However, not everyone was lucky to get North’s coveted seal of approval.

As well as describing Jared Leto’s Choupette costume as “cringe,” North did not have kind words to say about her mom’s ex-boyfriend.

“Pete Davidson. I hate it,” Penelope said, scowling at a picture of the comedian on her phone.

North — who, like P, was known to have hung out with Pete when he was dating her mom last year — agreed that she was not a fan of his all-black look and matching bucket hat.

“Hate it!” North exclaimed. “You’re going to the Met Gala, Pete. Not the gas station.”

Well, having only just turned 10, North still has a few more years to master her delivery when it comes to her fashion notes. Until then, let’s hope nobody gets too offended. You do you, Northie!

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