19 Of The Most Important Immigration Stories Of 2018

Immigration continued to be a tumultuous issue under the Trump administration in a year that saw systemic family separations, deaths at the hands of Border Patrol agents, and changes to the nation's asylum system.

Trump Administration Ends Temporary Immigration Status For 200,000 Salvadorans

An Infant Asylum-Seeker Separated From His Family By ICE Was Reunited With His Mom

A Huge Caravan Of Central Americans Is Headed For The US, And No One In Mexico Dares To Stop Them

The US Army Promised Immigrants A Fast Track For Citizenship. That Fast Track Is Gone.

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They Wanted Everyone To Hear About The Migrants Coming To The US. Then Everyone Did.

In A Major Change In US Policy, Sessions Rules That Domestic Violence Is Not Grounds For Asylum

Immigrant Kids Separated From Their Parents Are Being Moved All Over The US, And The Trump Administration Won’t Say Where

Trump Says Gangs Are Bringing Kids Over The Border, But These Kids Found Their Own Way

Trump Created An Office To Highlight Immigrant Crime. A Year Later, The Results Are Underwhelming.

Pregnant Women Say They Miscarried In Immigration Detention And Didn't Get The Care They Needed

Trump’s Immigration Policy Is Driving Families Into The Dangerous Desert, Activists Say

The Rise Of The ICE Official Who Said Detention Was "More Like Summer Camp"

Why Did The Border Patrol Shoot Claudia Gómez?

How A Massive ICE Raid Changed Life In One Small American Town

With Sessions' Departure, Immigration Opponents Have Lost A Key Ally

This Is What The World Looks Like For Kids Traveling In The Caravan

The US Has Fired Tear Gas And Closed The Largest Border Crossing With Mexico After Migrants Marched To The Border

Facing A Monthslong Wait To Apply For Asylum, These Members Of The Caravan Went Searching For Another Way In

The Trump Administration Is Quietly Denying Federal Housing Loans To DACA Recipients

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