A Full Breakdown Of Every Single Reference In Pete Davidson’s “I’m Just Pete”

Pete delivered self-own after self-own in a hilarious “I’m Just Ken” parody; here’s the meaning behind every reference.

Back in 2014, NBC’s Saturday Night Live cast Pete Davidson as a featured player when he was just 20 years old, making him one of the youngest cast members in its history.

Close-up of Pete smiling and wearing a bow tie

Amid his acting success, fans were delighted earlier this year when it was announced that Pete would be returning to host SNL in May — one year after his emotional departure.

Close-up of Pete smiling at a media event

Predictably, his appearance was a huge hit with viewers who were left impressed by his opening monologue and hilarious sketches. But there was one sketch in particular that got everybody talking: Pete’s parody of the song “I’m Just Ken” from this year’s blockbuster Barbie movie.

Screenshot of the "I'm just Pete" sketch

The sketch begins with Pete enthusiastically carrying a cake into the SNL studio before overhearing the cast shading his limited range and lukewarm TV career after quitting the show.

Pete holding a cake in a doorway and looking on at two people talking

“When I’m high, I do things like call up Colin Jost and say, ‘Homie, we should buy a boat,” Pete continues, referencing when Pete and Colin left fans stunned last year after buying a decommissioned ferry for $280,100 in an auction.

Close-up of Pete holding a pink phone

And while the boat situation is a pretty hilarious anecdote, it turned out to be just the beginning of Pete’s shoutouts to his personal life in “I’m Just Pete” — which comes to a head when he sings about his feud with Ye.

Close-up of Ye in a hoodie

He says, “People online still call me Skete because of a guy whose name I can’t say legally” as a picture of the rapper briefly flashes onscreen.

Fred in the sketch with caption "can't say legally"

Kim and Pete ended up splitting in August 2022 after nine months of dating. Before Kim, Pete had dated the likes of Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Kaia Gerber, and since their breakup, he has been linked to Emily Ratajkowski and Chase Sui Wonders and is currently dating Madelyn Cline.

Kim and Fred at the Met Gala

“My dating life is not discreet. I generate tons of publicity for everything except my comedy,” he sings.

Close-up of Fred shirtless in the sketch

So in true self-deprecating fashion, Pete pokes fun at his physical appearance multiple times in “I’m Just Pete,” kicking off with the lyric, “They tell me I have butthole eyes.”

Pete in the sketch lying among a pile of plastic bags and garment boxes and a trash can

Later in the song, he shouts out the “famous big dick energy” that has followed him since Ariana cheekily suggested in a tweet that Pete is “10 inches.”

Close-up of Pete with the caption "BDE" and dancers behind him

“I’m mentally ill and I’m on drugs,” he quips. He then makes light of his frequent visits to rehab, which he most recently checked into in June after reportedly taking ketamine almost every day for four years.

Close-up of Pete

“Out of the blue, like three times a year, when you least expect it, I go to rehab,” he sings before acknowledging that he doesn’t have a social media presence, on the advice of his doctors.

Pete sitting around a table with other people, along with the caption "I go to rehab!"

After “I’m Just Pete” reaches its climax, with Pete being joined by multiple other versions of himself, Pete has one more trick up his sleeve in the sketch's outro.

Close-up of Pete sitting in a car with a woman

In arguably one of the most surprising references to his personal life in the whole sketch, the song ends with Pete driving his car into the side of Barbie’s Dreamhouse and exclaiming, “Awh, not again!”

The car crashing into the Dreamhouse

And while this tongue-in-cheek re-creation of the accident caught many viewers off guard, all in all, Pete was widely praised for his humility in the SNL sketch, with fans left in awe of his ability to poke fun at himself.

Pete with dancers in the sketch

You can watch "I'm Just Pete" in full below:

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