Fans Aren’t Buying Kim Kardashian’s Proof That She Didn’t Photoshop Pete Davidson’s Jawline In Her Instagram Pictures After Seeing A New Side-By-Side Comparison

“I guess Pete’s jawline is snatched!!!! Snatched to the point u guys thought I photoshopped it!!!”

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian hit back at claims that she’d edited her boyfriend Pete Davidson’s nose and jawline in some of her Instagram pictures.

Kim, who first went Instagram official with Pete last month, has long been the subject of several apparent photoshop fails.

A few months ago, for example, she was called out by fans who noticed that one of her legs looked distorted in a series of beach snaps she’d posted.

And just as fans began discussing the apparent editing fail online, Kim deleted the photo from her Instagram carousel altogether.

In fact, Kim usually lies low and ignores the buzz around her Instagram pictures, either quietly deleting one that appears to have been heavily edited or steering clear of the topic entirely.

But this week, the beauty mogul certainly didn’t hold back as she addressed a series of different claims head on.

Firstly, Kim shut down accusations that she’d photoshopped her bellybutton out of some recent Instagram pictures. “Come on guys ... Seriously! This is so dumb! Claiming I photoshopped out my belly button????”

The next day, Kim hopped online again with another sassy statement, this time reposting a screenshot of a Page Six headline that read: “Kim Kardashian appears to Photoshop Pete Davidson’s nose and jawline.”

“Hmmm,” Kim wrote on top. “I guess Pete’s jawline is snatched!!!! Snatched to the point u guys thought I photoshopped it!!! One pic he’s laughing in mid convo.”

She added, “Wait I did add a grainy filter tho,” before going as far as to share the full live photo footage in its entirety. “How do you photoshop a live photo? Asking for a friend,” she wrote.

In the short clip, which consisted of the seconds before and after the iPhone photo was captured, Kim and Pete could be seen talking and sharing a brief kiss as their picture was being taken.

So, according to Kim and her receipts, the accusations that she manipulated Pete in the photos are completely false.

However, some eagle-eyed fans are not quite convinced by Kim’s apparent proof, claiming that there are still a number of strange differences between the picture she posted to her feed and the frames from the live photo.

Debunking the topic on Reddit, one user shared a video comparing the original photo and the live frame side-by-side, writing: “Overlay of the photo Kim ‘didn’t’ photoshop of Pete sure still seems like she did…”

The short clip, which was originally posted by Instagram user @problematicfame, flicks back and forth between the two photos, and appears to find several differences between Pete’s jaw, head, and bicep, as well as Kim’s jaw and breast.

The Instagram user ultimately theorized that Kim either did edit the picture after all, or that she just posted a different one altogether.

One person commented, “Looking at it at first, looked the same. Seeing what she specifically mentioned though- Kim’s right boob is definitely bigger, along with Pete’s bicep is bigger and just a filter would not remove specifically the color contrast of the circles under his eyes but leave his complexion the same everywhere else. It’s like she edited concealer on him.”

“the bicep bro the fucking bicep hahaha,” wrote another.

When Kim first posted the photos a couple of weeks ago, several users quickly compared how Pete looked in comparison to some paparazzi shots taken earlier that day.

“Do you think Kim photoshopped Pete? All pics are from the same day,” one Reddit user asked alongside the photos from Kim’s Instagram and candid paparazzi shots.

One person speculated: “I think she did the Facetune where you can make something bigger or smaller and made his entire head slightly smaller. Blended the corners of his under eyes so the difference in color isn’t so apparent. Darkened his beard in a couple places. I think that’s it.”

Another guessed, “whoever edits her photos warmed up his skin tone, whitened the white of his eye, and played with some other overall settings like contrast, then put a grainy filter over the whole thing.”

Well, despite Kim having denied that she photoshopped Pete, she certainly did admit to another very odd editing fail involving her sister Khloé’s daughter, True.

After months of avoiding the topic, Kim finally confirmed that she did in fact edit 4-year-old True into some pictures with her own daughter Chicago at Disneyland last December.

If you missed it, Kim got tons of attention after she shared the bizarre-looking photos of Chicago and True, with several fans noting that True looked as if she’d been edited in due to how blurry her hands and body appeared.

The theory seemed a little far-fetched — that is until fans dug up one of Kylie Jenner’s TikToks from October, which showed herself, her 4-year-old daughter, Stormi, and Chicago enjoying a cute trip to Disneyland for Halloween. In the video, Chicago is wearing the exact same outfit as she is in the pictures shared by Kim in December, while Stormi’s outfit — a gray hoodie and red sweatpants — is identical to the one apparently worn by True.

After months of speculating and several advanced fan takes, Khloé accidentally let it slip that this very month, True went to Disneyland for the first-ever time to celebrate her birthday — thus confirming that Kim’s photos can’t have been legitimate.

“Welllppp I fucked this one up,” Khloé hilariously tweeted a couple of weeks ago in response to someone who pointed out her accidental spill.

@BonGucci @KimKardashian Welllppp I fucked this one up. Anyways….. let’s focus on something else 😂 Our show airs in a few days 🤣

Twitter: @khloekardashian

And now, Kim has weighed in on the topic herself, explaining that Kylie “wasn’t really feeling” having the photos with her daughter Stormi posted online — presumably because at the time, she and partner Travis Scott were lying low after the tragic events that occurred at his Astroworld festival.

She said that while she respected Kylie’s decision, she still wanted the photo to appear on her page, given how committed she was to keeping her pink and blue “aesthetic” in check.

“You know how much a good aesthetic means to my soul … And I will be damned if Kylie will ruin that for me and mess up my IG grid,” she wrote.

It’s safe to say that fans were left very confused by Kim’s antics, questioning why she didn’t just post a photo of Chicago alone — or why she didn’t avoid posting at all.

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