Khloé Kardashian Just Accidentally Confirmed That Viral Conspiracy Theory About Kim Kardashian Photoshopping True Into Her Disneyland Pictures And People Are Losing It

“Welllppp... Anyways... let’s focus on something else. Our show airs in a few days.”

Khloé Kardashian has accidentally confirmed a monthslong fan theory involving her daughter True, and a very bad photoshop job from her sister Kim.

If you needed reminding, the sisters faced tons of attention last December after Kim posted some bizarre-looking photos of her daughter Chicago and Khloé’s daughter True at Disneyland.

As you can probably tell, True appears to have been edited into the pictures, with her entire body — and especially her hands — looking visibly blurry in comparison to Chicago’s.

Many fans quickly jumped on board with the theory, speculating that True's face had actually been photoshopped onto Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi’s body, given that they’d visited Disneyland just a couple of months before.

In October, Kylie posted a TikTok of herself, Stormi, Chicago, and KarJenner matriarch Kris enjoying a cute trip to Disneyland for Halloween. At one point in the video, we appear to see both Stormi and Chicago from the back as they queue up for one of the rides.

What’s interesting is that Chicago is wearing the exact same outfit in the October trip as she is in the pictures shared by Kim in December — and Stormi’s outfit, a gray hoodie and red sweatpants, is identical to the one apparently worn by True.

“Not only is she photoshopped, but she’s photoshopped onto a photo of Stormi from October, and I was just so weirded out,” claimed TikTok user @maiachondrialmembrane in a viral breakdown of the entire thing — which has since received over 2.4 million likes.

And before long, internet sleuths managed to dig up old photos of True shared by Khloé — in which she appeared identical to the Disneyland snaps posted by Kim.

Alongside a collage of this apparent — and very convincing — evidence, one fan account wrote: “So you telling me that kim kardashian west covering stormi’s face with true’s face of a photo that khloé posted before?! Even we all know the day that they get out in with Kylie and kris in October 19 to disney land. Even Chicago’s clothes and hair style isn’t the same. theres something going on.”

At the time that this was blowing up across social media, neither Khloé nor Kim acknowledged the supposed photoshop fail — despite the fact that the comments were flooded with fans calling out the mishap.

“terribly photoshopped lololol,” one person wrote. “This looked photoshopped,” another echoed.

Well, the conversation made a comeback this week after Khloé revealed that True went to Disneyland for the “first time” on Tuesday to celebrate her fourth birthday.

In a video posted to her Instagram story, Khloé said: “This is True’s first time at Disneyland!”

Expectedly, fans were super confused at Khloé’s revelation and quickly jumped online to note that if Kim’s photos were in fact legitimate, there’s no way this could’ve been True’s first time at the park.

“Funny how Khloe said today was True’s first trip to Disneyland when Kim posted this a few months ago,” one person tweeted. “we knew it was photoshopped.”

Funny how Khloe said today was True’s first trip to Disneyland when Kim posted this a few months ago 🤣🤣 we knew it was photoshopped but 🥴 #Kardashians

Twitter: @sophiefox1

“Khloe said today is True’s first time at Disneyland... the Disney photoshop conspiracy theory is back,” another wrote on Instagram. “I’m sure they had a good reason for having to cover up Stormi in the photos I just think it’s interesting and funny.”

And with the talk bubbling up online, Khloé finally ended up entering the conversation herself to weigh in on the speculation.

Responding to a fan who tweeted that “the people have questions,” Khloé candidly admitted that she had “fucked this one up,” confirming once and for all that the pictures had been edited.

“Welllppp I fucked this one up,” she tweeted, before turning the spotlight onto her family’s new Hulu show, The Kardashians, which premieres later this week.

@BonGucci @KimKardashian Welllppp I fucked this one up. Anyways….. let’s focus on something else 😂 Our show airs in a few days 🤣

Twitter: @khloekardashian

“Anyways….. let’s focus on something else,” she added alongside a laughing emoji. “Our show airs in a few days.”

Interestingly, Khloé didn’t say why True was edited into the pictures, nor did she spill any further details on the digital mishap. However, it has been speculated that Stormi was photoshopped out to avoid drawing attention to Kylie and her partner Travis, both of whom were embroiled in controversy at the time, following his Astroworld festival.

Last November, Travis’s self-produced and headlined concert left 10 people dead and hundreds injured after deadly crowd surges. Kylie and Stormi had been present at the event, though were reportedly ushered out from the VIP section as soon as the fatal swarms ensued.

Fan-filmed footage from the crowd appeared to show Travis acknowledging the concertgoers receiving medical treatment once the emergency services showed up. Additionally, Kylie had shared videos on her Instagram story during the night in which ambulances could be seen among the attendees.

Travis has since been named as a defendant in hundreds of lawsuits, many of which have cited “negligence” and the “encouragement of violence.”

Travis and Kylie faced criticism for their initial responses to the tragedy, both having shared brief statements online in its wake. One detail that particularly aggravated fans was that Kylie claimed the pair “weren’t aware” of the fatalities until after the festival, despite having documented it on her Instagram story.

The pair remained silent on social media for the next couple of months, and Travis ended up making his return to Instagram the very day after Kim shared the edited Disneyland photos. For that reason, some fans have guessed that Kylie and Travis wanted to keep a low profile while they were at the center of controversy, and had Stormi edited out of the pictures as a result.

While we still don’t have any concrete answers as to why True was edited into the pictures, fans were still just stunned that Khloé actually confirmed the long-running theory.

“not you ruining the lie LMAOOOOOOO,” one person replied.

@khloekardashian @KimKardashian not you ruining the lie LMAOOOOOOO 🤣🤣

Twitter: @BonGucci

“I knowwww Kim is eating you up in the chat rn,” another wrote.

@khloekardashian @BonGucci @KimKardashian I knowwww Kim is eating you up in the chat rn

Twitter: @CharneleJGomez

What’s more, the comments under Kim’s original Disneyland post are now flooded with references to Khloé’s revelation.

“Khloe just basically confirmed this was photoshopped lol,” one reads. “Came here just to say WHY Kim,” another user wrote.

Well, here’s hoping that they unpack this entire photoshop mess on their new show!

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