17 Explosive BuzzFeed News Investigations That Made Waves In 2019

The beloved global wildlife charity that funds guards who have raped and killed indigenous people. Sexual misconduct accusations against the world's most famous self-help guru. Chaos and carnage across the US in Amazon's sprint for next-day delivery. The hidden campaign to dig up dirt on Trump's enemies in Ukraine. And Robert Mueller's secret memos. A year of BuzzFeed News investigations.

1. WWF Funds Guards Who Have Tortured and Killed People

2. The World’s Most Famous Self-Help Guru Accused of Sexual Misconduct

3. The Real Cost of Amazon’s Next-Day Delivery

4. The Secret Campaign to Dig Up Dirt on Trump's Enemies in Ukraine

5. The Lies Michael Cohen Told to Protect the President

6. The Mueller Memos

7. The Secret Plans for Trump Tower Moscow

8. Insurance Companies Are Paying Cops to Investigate Their Own Customers

9. How Police Failure to Solve Shootings Fuels Cycles of Violence Across America

10. A Lobbyist at The Trump Tower Meeting Received Half a Million Dollars in Suspicious Payments

11. The New Way to Hack Democracy

12. If You're Drugged and Raped, the Police May Never Know. Here's Why.

13. 48 Male Patients Say a USC Doctor Sexually Abused Them — and the University Was Warned

14. A Star Witness Says Prosecutors Knew He Was Lying When He Helped Frame Five Men for Murder

15. Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Can’t Find US Workers to Hire. Documents Show Dozens Applied.

16. A Man Was Jailed for 20 Years By NYPD Due to a Single Eyewitness — Who Now Wants to Recant

17. How the Kremlin's Assassins Sowed Terror Through the Streets of London While British Authorities Scrambled to Stop Them

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