Incoming: Imagine Getting Mad Because You Can't Buy A Country

The Greenland row escalates (sigh), Jay Inslee drops out, Taylor Swift plans to rerecord her catalog. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 22.

The Trump administration wants to hold undocumented children in detention indefinitely

The quick background: A 1997 court settlement known as the Flores agreement limits the US government’s detention of unaccompanied children to 20 days. In 2015, a federal judge ruled it also extended to children who arrived to the US with their parents, thus applying the 20-day limit to families.

Now, the Trump administration wants to replace the Flores agreement with a new rule that would allow it to detain undocumented children and their parents indefinitely.

If the new rule is implemented, it will likely result in thousands of families being detained while their immigration cases play out. The ever-increasing immigration court backlog means families could be held for months or even years.

The new rule is expected to be published this week in the Federal Register and would take effect 60 days later, though immigration officials expect it will be challenged in court.

Trump called the Danish prime minister “nasty” after he cancelled a visit because she wouldn’t sell Greenland

Nearly none of those clauses are clauses I expected to write in a headline, let alone together. Nonetheless, here we are: in the latest development of a bizarre diplomatic row, the president said the way in which Denmark’s prime minister dismissed his idea of buying Greenland was “nasty.”

Donald Trump abruptly canceled a state visit to Denmark after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen rejected his stated wish to buy Greenland, the semi-autonomous island that is home to 56,000 people. Frederiksen labelled the discussion “absurd.”

The president initially thanked the prime minister for being “so direct,” but yesterday branded her comment as “nasty.”

“She's not talking to me. She's talking to the United States of America,” the president added. “You don't talk to the United States that way.”


Jay Inslee is ending his climate change–driven campaign for president. The Washington governor is bowing out of the Democratic race having elevated climate change issues in the primary, despite never breaking through in polling himself.

A mom said her son was “just a little boy” — police said he could be the “next kid from Parkland.” A police video showing a mom arguing with an officer who arrested her 15-year-old son for threatening to shoot up a school has gone viral. During the arrest, the teen’s mother told officers that her son was “just a little kid playing a video game.”

The host of Dancing With the Stars distanced himself from Sean Spicer’s casting. In what appeared to be a veiled critique of the decision to cast Spicer, Tom Bergeron said in a statement that he had tried to offer producers suggestions for the upcoming season, and that he hoped the show would be free of politics.

Taylor Swift says she plans to rerecord her music catalog after it was acquired by Scooter Braun. After the singer failed to secure the original master recordings of her first six albums, her catalog was acquired by Braun when he acquired her old record label. Swift says she “absolutely” plans to rerecord her music so she owns the new masters.

The European Union is worried that 300,000 people might flee Libya if things get any worse

Operation Sophia is the EU's military mission aimed at halting people from being smuggled across the sea into Europe.

According to the operation’s internal report, the European Union fears that more than 300,000 people could flee across the Mediterranean Sea in a “humanitarian disaster” if the situation in Libya continues to deteriorate.

We got a hold of the report, which said that the mission is drastically unprepared to deal with such an event, and notes that the odds of people making the dangerous trek to Europe has increased.

Sophia’s report makes clear that the situation in Libya has deteriorated over recent months. The fighting between rival factions for control of the country led to 53 people dying when a detention center was hit in an airstrike last month.

You’re not alone in your frustration about Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe

After it was announced that Spider-Man would no longer be a part of the legendary Marvel Cinematic Universe, scores took to Twitter to express their feelings about the move. Spoiler alert: No one likes it.

And what do we do when we don’t like something? No, we don’t process our feelings, we meme about them. It’s my pleasure to bring you some excellent memes and jokes about Spideyexit, so you too can laugh to keep from crying.

This was my fav:

tony stark realizing he wasted his life on spiderman for nothing

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