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The latest on the Crimea bridge collapse, an alleged killing over a pickup basketball game, and the extreme sport of modern dating.

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A Dallas man shot and killed a 21-year-old woman. Her family alleges it's because she beat him in pickup basketball.

A photo of 21-year-old Asia Womack standing in front of a car with prayer hands

A man shot and killed a 21-year-old Dallas woman because he was angry that she’d won a basketball game against him, her family says.

First responders found Asia Womack on a sidewalk in South Dallas with multiple gunshot wounds on Monday evening, according to the Dallas Police Department. She died that evening at a local hospital.

Womack's family alleges that she had won in a game of pickup basketball against the suspect. Then the shooter, who they say knew her, took his children and brother home before coming back to the park and shooting Womack five times as she was walking home.

“I just don’t understand why you kill somebody over a basketball game,” Juanita Smith, Womack's aunt, told NBC 5. “I believe in forgiveness, but justice needs to be served."

Dallas authorities told BuzzFeed News that there is a warrant out for the arrest of the alleged shooter but would not confirm their name — although according to CBS, the warrant is for 31-year-old Cameron Hogg. The police investigation for this case is ongoing.

A bridge vital to Putin’s war plans partially collapsed in an explosion. Russia launched a major missile attack in response.

A bridge over water on fire and smoking
  • An explosion on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea to Russia and is vital to the Kremlin’s military operations in Ukraine, caused it to partially collapse on Saturday. At least three people have died, and no one has taken responsibility for the attack.

  • The Kerch Bridge, the longest in Europe, was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. Spanning 12 miles, it symbolized Putin annexing the peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.

  • Following the bridge collapse, Putin accused Ukraine of terrorism and launched multiple missile strikes on Kyiv and nearby areas. At least nine people were killed in the missile attack, and electricity systems across the country are down, according to the New York Times.


A police officer shot a 17-year-old who was eating in a car with his friend. Now, the teenager is in critical condition at the hospital. The officer was fired for violating police tactics, training, and procedures.

Twitter has locked Kanye's account after he posted an antisemitic tweet. In recent days, Ye has demonstrated behavior that has alarmed many observers and prompted several high-profile figures to denounce him.

SNL mocked the Try Guys cheating scandal but stirred up some controversy of its own. Once again, people simply could not look away.

Fake heiress Anna "Delvey" Sorokin has been released from jail but has been banned from using social media until her case is over. Sorokin had been held in ICE detention in upstate New York for more than 17 months after being detained for overstaying her visa.

Abortions can resume in Arizona (for now) after an appeals court blocked the 121-year-old abortion ban

The Arizona Court of Appeals on Friday blocked the enforcement of a near-total abortion ban that took effect in the state last month. This means that, for now, abortions up to 15 weeks can legally take place in Arizona again.

Last month, an Arizona judge lifted the 1973 injunction that had previously blocked a 121-year-old abortion ban, which has no exceptions for rape or incest. But Planned Parenthood filed a motion three days later asking for a hold on the ruling, arguing that there was confusion over the varying abortion laws that have taken effect since Roe was overturned.

The confusion stemmed from the fact that in the same month the near-total abortion ban took effect, a 15-week abortion ban introduced in 2019 also took effect in the state. It was and still is unclear which law takes precedence.

In the ruling on Friday, the appellate judges agreed with Planned Parenthood’s claim that the Arizona courts have a "responsibility to attempt to harmonize the state's abortion laws." Currently, there is a hearing scheduled for Oct. 11 to decide whether to accelerate the hearing for Planned Parenthood’s full appeal on the abortion ban.

Modern dating is an extreme sport. Here's our cuffing season preseason report.

An illustration of a row of dating app profiles on cell phones, the phone in the middle has a medal and bouquet of flowers

Perhaps you have felt the chill in the air, hot girl summer abandoned for the warmth of relationship goals. Cuffing season has begun.

This cuffing season, BuzzFeed News is following four twentysomethings on their dating journeys, breaking down their season plays, and hearing from them directly about their road to the championships. Every month, we’ll be checking with them to get a sense of what dating today truly looks like.

Join us as we keep up with Nick (who wants to “date someone who has a secure attachment style”), Atharva (who'd like to "redecorate a bathroom with someone"), Nikki (who needs to "be cuffed by next winter" to offset the cold), and Michelle (who's coming off a soft-fade situationship and wants to "share fun stories with friends"). Which players will be in committed relationships by Valentine’s Day, crowning them champions of the annual cuffing season playoffs? Only one way to find out.

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