Victoria Beckham Just Shared The Sweetest Video Of Her And Nicola Peltz Beckham Dancing On A Beach Together, And That Rumored Feud Is A Distant Memory

Victoria was full of nothing but praise for her “loving daughter-in-law” Nicola on her birthday.

It is undeniable that one of the biggest celebrity news stories of 2022 was Victoria Beckham’s rumored feud with her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz Beckham.

selfie taken of the two

When Nicola first started dating Victoria and David Beckham’s oldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, in 2019, it looked as though she had been immediately and warmly welcomed into the family.

Brooklyn and Nicola pose for photographers on the red carpet

The social media posts of Nicola and Victoria heaping praise on one another were incessant, and Nicola would also often feature Brooklyn’s little sister, Harper Beckham, on her Instagram page.

Nicola and Harper holding hands with the caption, "she's just the most special baby sister"

But these public displays of affection between Nicola and the Beckhams started to fizzle out as her and Brooklyn’s April 2022 wedding loomed closer.

In fact, in the months that preceded the wedding, Victoria and her family all-but-ignored Nicola online, and vice versa — with Nicola’s special relationship with Harper also appearing to fade away.

While this may sound trivial, the stark contrast to how their relationship used to play out on Instagram was obvious to all, leaving little doubt that something had drastically changed in their relationship.

It was later reported that Victoria and Nicola had clashed dramatically over Nicola’s wedding plans, and this was seemingly reflected post-wedding. For example, while Brooklyn and Nicola took on the joint last name of “Peltz Beckham,” Victoria repeatedly referred to the newlyweds as “Mr and Mrs Beckham.”

Victoria wrote on Instagram, "Congratulations Mr and Mrs Beckham Welcome to the familly"

And Nicola was equally petty, not sharing a single wedding photo with Brooklyn’s relatives to her social media page. In fact, she even excluded them from a nine-picture carousel that she posted with the caption: “Family is everything to me 🤍🤍🤍”

Towards the end of 2022, as speculation of bad blood between the two reached fever pitch, Nicola insisted that she and her mother-in-law got along just fine, and in 2023 it seemed as though she and Victoria had made a new year's resolution to let bygones be bygones.

Over the last 12 months, the two have slowly but surely resumed the past peaks of their social media relationship, and they appeared to be particularly friendly over the Christmas period.

Almost as though 2022 had never happened, Harper once again became a constant fixture on Nicola’s account as the family enjoyed a holiday together. In fact, on Dec. 23, Nicola posted a carousel that led with a photo of just her and Victoria alongside the caption: “Love you 🤍🩵🩷”

Then, on Christmas Day, Victoria proudly embraced her son’s new last name as she told followers: “Happy Christmas!! Lots of love from the Beckham’s [sic] and the Peltz Beckhams!!!," to which Nicola replied: "I love you!!"

And it looks like any tension between Nicola and Victoria is well and truly under the bridge now that 2024 has kicked off, with Victoria not holding back in her adoring birthday tribute to her daughter-in-law on Tuesday.

The former Spice Girl shared a sweet video of herself and Nicola dancing on a beach together during their December vacation, with special attention paid to the fact that Nicola was expertly walking on the sand in heeled wedges.

At one point in the video, Nicola puts her hands on Victoria’s waist, and the two women go on to hold hands while dancing in sync. Towards the end of the video, the person filming — assumed to be David — can be heard humming along to the music playing, completing the picture-perfect insight into the family.

But that wasn’t all, with Victoria positively gushing over Nicola in the video’s caption. She wrote: “Happy birthday @NicolaAnnePeltzBeckham… We love you so much!! Your love, kindness, talent and your ability to dance on sand in a major wedge!!😂”

“The best dance partner and loving daughter in law,” she added. “We love you, have an amazing day!!!!! Xxxxxx”

She also shared three posts to her Instagram story honoring Nicola, writing “we love you” on each one. And while David didn’t post to his grid for Nicola’s big day, he also shared a series of photos to his Instagram story as he sent Nicola his love, adding: “Here’s to having more fun celebrating you 🤍”

And considering Instagram has been used as a pretty reliable barometer of Nicola’s relationship with the Beckham clan over the years, it looks as though war really is over.

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