Kim Kardashian Admitted She Was “Scared” Out Of Her Mind To Tell Kanye West That She’d Hired A Male Nanny To Be Around For Their Sons

Kim literally couldn’t hide her shock at Kanye’s reaction to her childcare decision in this week’s The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s breakup was messy, to say the least, with the pair’s divorce being finalized in November of last year.

Prior to this, Kanye had publicly lashed out at Kim multiple times on social media, and even criticized her parenting of their four children.

The former couple share 9-year-old North, 7-year-old Saint, 5-year-old Chicago, and 4-year-old Psalm.

Despite the constant tirades, Kim refused to ever speak badly of the rapper in front of their kids — even when he received mass backlash for antisemitic hate speech towards the end of 2022.

The star reiterated in multiple interviews that she never wants her children to think badly of their father, and said on the IRL podcast last year: "I definitely protected him and I still will in the eyes of my kids, for my kids. So, in my home, my kids don't know anything that goes on in the outside world.”

She has also remained keen for Kanye to be an active presence in the children’s lives, and they agreed on joint custody amid their divorce. However, in September 2022, Kanye admitted that Kim is the one raising their kids “80 percent of the time.”

And speaking in Season 3 of The Kardashians, Kim was emotional as she discussed how hard it was to navigate protecting her children when they could see that their home life had dramatically changed.

“It’s just hard for me to figure out,” she said. “If they don’t know anything, why wouldn’t dad come over for dinner? Why isn’t dad at my things? That kills me.”

But throughout 2023, Kim and Kanye have seemingly maintained a healthy coparenting relationship, with both stars being seen at Saint and North’s sporting events, and North even appearing to have a good relationship with his new partner, Bianca Censori.

And Kim lifted the lid on Kanye’s presence in the children’s lives in this week’s episode of The Kardashians, where she admitted that she’d hired a male nanny so that her sons could have a male influence in their household.

The star then clarified that Kanye is very much still involved with his children, and that she was “scared” out of her mind to tell him about her new employee.

In the episode, Kim took Saint and some of his friends on a trip to London to watch a soccer match in a bid to spend quality time with her son.

Reflecting on her family dynamic back home, Kim explained: “I do think that my household, and even in our family, it’s very female dominated. I recently hired a manny, I really wanted a male around that was going to be picking them up and taking them to sports.”

“I was scared out of my mind to tell their dad that,” she added, before giving insight into Kanye’s involvement with the kids as she discussed his reaction to the male nanny.

“When he was dropping off the kids, Kanye introduced himself, played two-on-two with Saint and him,” Kim said.

“He’s been so nice to him and saying: 'Hey, if you’re going to help raise my son —' because he handed him the ball, like, really easily or something, he’s like: ‘Don’t do that, make him go get it himself, these are some of the rules that I would want,'” she went on.

Kim expressed her shock at how accepting Kanye was of the situation by saying: “I was like, oh my god… OK! That’s great!

The star went on to confess that she is trying to prioritize having quality time with Saint as she fears that he sometimes gets left behind when it comes to his siblings.

She said that his big sister doesn’t give him any attention, and that his two younger siblings are incredibly close in age and have a very special bond as a result.

“I feel like North lives her life like an only child, does her thing,” Kim explained. “Then the two little ones are a year apart, so they’re like twins, almost, and they’re always together.”

“Saint loves the little ones, he’d love North if she’d hang out with him but she won’t,” she said. “So I want to give him a little bit of attention, and he’s such a mama’s boy and I love it. I know that these years aren’t going to last forever!”

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