People Are Reacting To A “Severely Awkward” Viral Clip Of Timothée Chalamet Being Asked About The Rumored Feud Between Kylie Jenner And Selena Gomez

“Physically couldn't finish the video ‘cause of the second hand embarrassment,” one person tweeted in response to the viral clip, which has been described as “weird” and “invasive.”

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A few months ago, in September, Timothée Chalamet was filmed being heckled by paparazzi, who asked him about his romance with Kylie Jenner.

For context, Timothée and Kylie have been linked since last April. They’ve not spoken out on their apparent relationship, but they have made a series of public appearances together in recent months.

And in September, right after the pair began making some PDA-heavy appearances, Timothée — who famously keeps his personal life private — was approached by a TMZ paparazzo and questioned about Kylie.

kylie and timmy about to kiss
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The paparazzo told Timmy that he and Kylie “make a good couple,” before asking him, “Are you happy in the relationship? What's it like dating Kylie? Is it the best thing ever? Is it fun?” In response, the Wonka actor offered no words, instead briefly smirking before putting on his headphones and walking away.

Flash forward to this week, and Timothée was once again questioned about Kylie by paparazzi following a recent bout of drama at the Golden Globe Awards.

kylie and timmy holding hands and sitting at their table at the golden globes

On Sunday night, Timothée and Kylie attended the awards ceremony together — and while the pair appeared to have a great time, they were inadvertently dragged into a heap of online drama after rumors began swirling that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift had been gossiping about them.

For some context, fans have long speculated that there is beef between Selena and Kylie, namely because Kylie is super close friends with Hailey Bieber — the now-wife of Selena’s ex, Justin Bieber. Selena and Hailey are constantly pitted against each other online and have been accused of throwing shade at one another time and again.

closeup of hailey

Just last year, Kylie was accused of poking fun at Selena’s eyebrows on her Instagram story — something that she ended up hastily denying. Selena was later spotted liking TikToks that branded Hailey and Kylie “mean girls.”

closeup of kylie

With this in mind, fans were intrigued to see Selena rushing over to tell Taylor some seemingly juicy tea at the Golden Globes — especially given that actor Keleigh Sperry, who was also present, could be heard exclaiming, “With Timothée?” in response to Selena.

selena leaning over to talk and taylor's face in shock

This resulted in the now-viral theory that Selena had been telling her friends that Timothée — whom she’s previously worked with professionally and shares a friendship with — was stopped from taking a photo with her, by Kylie.

selena and timmy walking outside in their film

However, Selena ended up entering the conversation online to shut this rumor down, claiming that she’d actually been telling Taylor about two of her friends “who hooked up.”

Nevertheless, Timothée was recently approached by a TMZ reporter and questioned about the rumored feud between Kylie and Selena.

While Timothée was walking with his sister, Pauline Chalamet, the paparazzo asked him, “Did you deny Selena a photo like everyone’s reporting?”

Timmy ignored the reporter’s question, instead putting his hood up and staying quiet. But the paparazzo asked again: “Can you shut down the rumors? Would you ever deny Selena a photo? Is it ridiculous?”

Once again, Timmy did not respond to the question. However, after a few moments’ silence, he ended up making a sarcastic remark: “What are the chances? Were you just hanging out there?”

The reporter claimed that she was “waiting on DDG” — something that evidently meant nothing to Timothée, who replied, “Who?”

timothee outside with large headphones on

After a little back and forth, the reporter ultimately asked Timothée if he and Selena are on good terms, to which he said, “Of course.”

closeup of selena

The paparazzo also asked, “Does Selena and Kylie have any beef?” Timmy replied, “No.”

an older photo of kylie and selena together

Seemingly very fed up at this point, Timmy then repeats, “What are the chances that you were just hanging out there?” before finally getting away.

Ever since it began circulating across social media, the clip of Timothée has been described as “severely awkward” and “invasive,” with several internet users praising the actor for handling things so calmly.

“Bless him - handled very gentlemanly,” one Instagram user wrote. “Idk how timothee is staying so calm and polite,” someone else said.

Meanwhile, one user said they experienced “second hand embarrassment” from the uncomfortable clip. “Physically couldn't finish the video ‘cause of the second hand embarrassment,” they tweeted, adding that the reporter “just kept going.”

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