Selena Gomez Just Commented On A Year-Old TikTok Calling Out Her “Victim Complex” And Accusing Her Of Always “Throwing Shade At Her Ex-Boyfriend” Justin Bieber

The year-old TikTok, which featured Hailey Bieber and Selena’s names in the hashtags, labeled the latter as a “manipulative” and “obsessive narcissist” while accusing her of always “throwing shade” at Justin Bieber.

If you keep up with Selena Gomez, you’ll know that she’s pretty active on social media — namely when it comes to commenting on posts.

Selena in sequined dress posing at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

A few months ago, for example, Selena replied to a heap of users on Instagram who were criticizing her relationship with Benny Blanco.

Selena rests her head on Benny's shoulder as she looks at her phone while they're seated at a sports event

After Selena confirmed that she and Benny were together, several fans expressed their disappointment given that he’d seemingly shaded her a few years back. However, Selena wasted no time letting people know that she didn’t agree with their opinions as she fiercely defended their romance.

Selena has also infamously commented on TikToks describing Hailey Bieber — aka the wife of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber — as a “mean girl.”

justin and haily facing each other as they pose for photographers at an event

Selena and Justin dated on and off for seven years, with Justin going on to marry Hailey just six months after their final split. This resulted in the two women being pitted against each other online for years, with the pair repeatedly being accused of throwing shade at one another.

Hailey posing on red carpet in sequined sleeveless dress

This was exactly the case last February when fans noticed that Selena had commented “I love you” under a video calling out Hailey’s “disgusting, despicable” behavior. At the time, Hailey and her close friend Kylie Jenner had been accused of making fun of Selena’s eyebrows — and while Selena initially backed up Kylie’s denial that they weren't throwing shade, she later publicly praised the TikToks dragging them.

This week, Selena caused a stir again online after fans noticed that she’d commented on a TikTok from a year ago that criticized her personality and accused her of having a “heavy victim complex.”

Selena Gomez in a satin dress with draped sleeve as she sits on a chair while holding a microphone

The TikTok, which was shared by a faceless account and used an AI voice for its commentary, described Selena as a “manipulative, calculated, obsessive narcissist with a heavy victim complex.”

Selena Gomez has built her entire career based on sympathy, managing to always make people feel bad for her, and always portraying herself as the perfect helpless victim,” the TikTok said.

Selena Gomez wearing a dress with sparkling adornments on the shoulders

The video went on to accuse Selena of “throwing shade at her ex-boyfriend” Justin, before questioning her appearance and whether she’d had cosmetic surgery.

closeup of selena and justin in the past at an event

Selena has made several comments about Justin since their breakup. In her 2022 documentary, she candidly called their split the “best thing that ever happened” to her, and a couple of months later, she publicly commented a sad emoji under a TikTok that questioned her weight during their relationship.

And fans were left baffled when Selena took to the comments of the viral TikTok — which included the hashtags “#selenagomez #fyp #haileybieber” — to leave a single laughing emoji.

selena's comment on the video

“is she serious,” one person tweeted. “girl its [sic] been a year,” another user commented, referring to how long it’s been since the video was first posted.

“its 2024 selena girl move onnnn,” someone else wrote, while other users speculated that Selena had been searching Hailey’s name on TikTok, given that the video she commented on had the hashtag “#haileybieber.”

Selena Gomez in a detailed floral cutout dress speaking into a microphone onstage

Meanwhile, other users argued that Selena was well within her rights to defend herself against the negative video and suggested that it might’ve popped back up again on her "For You" Page as a result of it apparently going viral.

A closeup of Selena

“It went viral again and even though it's from a year ago it doesn't matter. They are accusing her, there is nothing wrong with her commenting,” one person wrote.

“The video could have been a year ago but they are talking very badly about her,” another said. “is she not allowed to respond to a video hating on her…” someone else questioned.

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