Elizabeth Holmes And Jen Shah Are Apparently Prison Buddies And Share A “Very Loving” Relationship

I need Andy and a camera.

So, Elizabeth Holmes and Jen Shah are apparently “friends” now.

Close-up of Jen seated

The disgraced tech mogul and former reality TV Housewife are both serving time at a federal prison camp in Texas, and according to Jen’s representative, the two have become buddies behind bars.

Close-up of Elizabeth on a street

For context, Elizabeth — whose fall from grace was memorably depicted in The Dropout — was convicted of fraud in January 2022 and began her 11-year sentence in May.

Elizabeth smiling and wearing jeans in front of a "US Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons" sign

Meanwhile, Jen has been at the prison facility a little longer, having started her six-and-a-half-year sentence back in February after she pleaded guilty to wire fraud last year.

Jen walking out of a building arm in arm with a man

Jen’s representative told People magazine this week that the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City alum and the Theranos founder quickly connected and have been supporting each other through their sentences.

Jen in a deep-V long-sleeved, sparkly outfit

“They’re friends. They’re both rehabilitating and have bonded over being on this journey of positive change,” Chris Giovanni, Jen’s rep, revealed. “Their situations brought them together, and they have a good understanding of one another. They’re getting through it together.”

Close-up of Elizabeth in a suit

Chris implied that the former Housewife has taken on a “motherly role” toward Elizabeth, who gave birth to a daughter earlier this year.

Close-up of Elizabeth in a turtleneck

“Jen’s given her a lot of advice. She’s even met Elizabeth’s baby and held her,” Chris said, adding that Jen has been “very loving” to Elizabeth and her newborn.

Jen on the Real Housewives show

On top of this, the former Bravo star is apparently keeping her fellow inmates’ health in check by running a group fitness class called “Sha-mazing Abs.”

Jen wearing a shiny suit and matching wide-brimmed hat

“Jen gets all the ladies together, and they rally behind her while she teaches them fitness moves, and Elizabeth has been there right along with them,” Chris said, adding that Jen is also tutoring other inmates hoping to earn a GED.

Jen on Real Housewives, sitting at a table

In summary, the rep claimed that both Jen and Elizabeth have “changed a lot behind bars.”

Elizabeth walking with others on the grass

“Jen’s not anything like the show portrayed her to be. She’s so peaceful now,” Chris said, referring to her three-season run on RHOSLC. “She’s still funny and has her one-liners, but she’s graduated from anger management classes and is much more grounded.”

Jen on the show wiping away a tear

Well, there’s something you don’t expect to hear every day.

Close-up of Elizabeth in a turtleneck

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