Morning Update: Good Work, Officer Kool-Aid

How New Zealand authorities stopped the suspect, a pause on the transgender military ban, a new gaming system is born. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 20.

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New Zealand police say they stopped the mosque shooter from carrying out another attack

When authorities stopped the 28-year-old suspect in the mosque shootings that killed 50 people, he was on his way to terrorize more people.

Police say the suspected gunman was apprehended after his car was rammed off the road by officers, about 21 minutes after they received the first emergency call.

The alleged shooter is the only person who opened fire during prayer services, but police reiterated that a team of international authorities is investigating whether “anyone else was supporting him in any way.”

Meanwhile, a team of more than 120 experts has been working to identify victims so loved ones can hold funerals.

You should also know:

A cartoonist’s drawing of New Zealand’s iconic fern made up of the Christchurch Muslims praying has gone viral. Pat Campbell, who drew the cartoon for Australian newspaper the Canberra Times, told us, “There were a lot of silhouettes to draw. They just kept coming. It brought home to me the death toll and the destruction one man can do with the right weapons.”

When this image was drawn on Saturday morning, the death toll was 49. Since then it has risen to 50 so I have added another figure. Below is a link to a hi-rez version for those wanting to use the image for themselves or nonprofit fundraising for victims

The Justice Department and Trump’s lawyers argue no one should be able to sue him for profiting from his hotel

A bit of background here: In 2017, the attorney general offices in DC and Maryland sued President Donald Trump, saying that when foreign, state, or local officials patronize Trump’s businesses — like, say, stay at a Trump hotel — the president profits and receives a prohibited “emolument,” or a financial benefit.

What just happened? The three-judge panel of the 4th Circuit court expressed skepticism about DC's and Maryland's positions on several issues, like: what exactly they wanted a judge to order Trump to do, and whether anyone could bring a lawsuit against the president under the emoluments clause.


A judge has ruled that Trump’s transgender military ban can’t take effect yet after all. Last week, the Justice Department said it was free from any legal blocks to start implementing the policy. A judge said, actually, not so fast.

A 40-year-old Mexican immigrant died in US custody — the fourth death in recent months. The unidentified man died after being diagnosed with flulike symptoms, liver failure, and renal failure.

An ex-cop said she was having sex with her supervisor when her child died in a hot car. The 3-year-old died after Cassie Barker left her in a patrol car for four hours while she had sex with her supervisor, Clark Ladner, and then fell asleep at his home. Barker pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Fans are pissed after a famous vegan YouTuber was allegedly caught eating fish in another person’s vlog. Yovana Mendoza built a large following on YouTube, where she’s known as Rawvana. After her fans spammed her social media, she posted a 33-minute video explaining the incident and why she had to abandon veganism.

Fans think Kylie Jenner is pregnant again after she posted a photo of her daughter Stormi “stuck” to her. For some reason, fans are quite sure of it.

The first full trailer for Toy Story 4 is finally here. It’s gonna be a good, teary time.

Stadia is Google’s new YouTube focused streaming service for games

Google debuted a new video game streaming platform, and it lets you play games entirely online without having to download them onto a console or a desktop PC.

The gaming system, called Stadia, was a natural move for Google: the company said that people watched over 50 billion hours of gaming content on YouTube in 2018.

Being an online-only gaming system distinguishes Google’s offering from other gaming giants like Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo, or Steam. The fact that Stadia comes YouTube integrated may also help draw people away from the company’s biggest live-streaming competitor, the Amazon-owned Twitch.

The NYPD actually built a wall and then popped out from behind it to catch someone who kept graffitiing in a subway station

I don’t want to question graffiti laws or take away from those who find acts of graffiti very serious, but I cannot tell a lie: I severely enjoyed this story.

After a man kept graffiting “#LoveTrump” on the walls of a Brooklyn subway station, police in New York came up with an idea.

They built a fake wall with a door, and two officers entered behind the wall and waited. Sure enough, the unsuspecting suspect couldn’t resist a large space on which to do the thing.

The officers jumped out from behind the wall and caught the alleged artist in the act. If you’re not laughing at this point, here’s a good mental picture:

TRANSIT CHIEF: We gotta catch this graffiti artist CAPT MARY: Maybe we use cameras? SGT BRIAN: Maybe deploy extra officers in the area OFFICER KOOL AID MAN (slowly stands up in the back) I have an idea

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