Did Rudy Giuliani Fart Twice At A Michigan Election Fraud Hearing?

Not one but two farts could be heard as Giuliani spread election conspiracies in Michigan on Wednesday.

As he works to spread lies in order to undermine the results of the presidential election, Rudy Giuliani's list of shambolic media appearances continues to grow.

There was, of course, the notorious Philadelphia press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is, as the name suggests, a landscaping company and not a luxury hotel.

Then there was the Washington, DC, event where he seemingly melted before the cameras as hair dye leaked down his face.

And on Wednesday night there was a chaotic and conspiracy-filled hearing in Lansing, Michigan, in which not one but two fart sounds could be heard as Giuliani spoke about four hours into the lengthy event.


Responding to a question from Michigan state Rep. Darrin Camilleri about the New York Times story that Giuliani is lobbying President Donald Trump for a preemptive pardon, the attorney objected vehemently to what he said was a defamatory question.

"I will ask that he be disciplined for that," Giuliani said as a microphone picked up a faint tooting sound.

Roughly 90 seconds later, as Camilleri pressed Giuliani to respond to Attorney General Bill Barr's statement that federal prosecutors had found no evidence of election fraud that would overturn President-elect Joe Biden's win, yet another more audible whoosh could be heard.

"The answer that I gave you was that they didn't bother to interview a single witness," Giuliani said as what sounded like a burst of literal hot air popped out during his last two words of metaphorical hot air.

The moment went viral when it was clipped and shared by HuffPost reporter Ryan Reilly on Twitter on Wednesday night. It has since been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

I present this clip of Rudy Giuliani testifying without editing or commentary. (Watch for the 👀)

Many people noticed that Jenna Ellis, another attorney assisting Giuliani in spreading lies about Biden's victory, seemed to give him a side-eye glance upon hearing the second fart noise.

JENNA'S FACE 😭😭😭 Rudy farting so loudly that the mic picked it up and Jenna could barely hold back a laugh is peak 2020, man. Girl, aren't you sad you refused to wear a mask? 😂 #ThursdayThoughts #thursdaymorning

@ryanjreilly Jenna heard. Jenna knows. Rudy farted. We all heard it & saw her reaction. 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving.

@ryanjreilly @rolandsmartin Odor in the court!!😂😂😂

Giuliani didn't respond to a message from BuzzFeed News, so we can't tell you if he's denying the supply.

As for the hearing itself, it was a circus of so-called witnesses making wildly conspiratorial statements, some of which were shockingly racist.

Giuliani was not sworn in at the hearing, so he was under no legal obligation to tell the truth.

Late last month, Michigan officially certified Biden as the winner of its Electoral College votes after he'd beaten Trump by roughly 150,000 votes there.

Giuliani's efforts Wednesday were aimed at convincing state lawmakers to essentially ignore the voters' decision — but even Republicans at the hearing seemed incredulous at the lack of evidence being presented.

The Trump campaign last month abandoned a lawsuit seeking to challenge the Michigan results.

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One final note: BEFORE you send me an angry email about this story, please be advised that we have previously written stories about some questionable fart noises that occurred when Democrats Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell were both speaking.

Here at BuzzFeed News, we are nonpartisan in our fart coverage.

We are non-fartisan.

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