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"He Was As Bad As You'd Imagine": Waiters Are Listing Off Their "Worst And Best Celebrity Customers"

"This was about five years ago, but I served Logan and Jake Paul. They were as bad you would expect. They rented out a room for a private event and were super late. The strongest memory I have is how Jake looked annoyed that I asked for his ID. The dude was either 21 or 22 at the time. Maybe he’s just used to everybody knowing who he was. I wasn’t really aware of them before that night."

Europeans Are Sharing "Totally Normal" Things That Are "Nonexistent" In America, And I've Personally Never Thought Of 90% Of These

"It's not unusual to see nudity in public parks, newspapers, TV, shared public showering nude after swimming nude, or advertisements. There are too many examples I can't even think of them all as it's normal to us...and highly shocking to Americans to outrage. In my opinion, it's the definition of hypocrisy. Americans are so stunned, baffled, or revolted by European openness on nudity, yet, almost all of the porn worldwide comes from the USA itself!"