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People Are Sharing "The Cheapest Holiday Bonuses" They've Received From Their Bosses, And I'm Asking Santa For A New Job This Year

"I work in sales on a top performing team. Our team got the same book on how to be better at sales. We are supposed to read this book on our downtime (whenever that is), and then management wants to go over the book chapter by chapter in our weekly team meetings. This 'gift' was not well received on the team. There’s been talk about sending management a book on effective leadership or 'management for dummies.'"

"I Sold My Urine": People Are Revealing The "Dumbest Ways" They've Made Money, And It's Fascinating

"I got a job as a 'fantasy model with long flowing hair' where I modeled for random American fantasy novels. It paid OK-ish, not well. I also signed away my rights like an idiot, so occasionally, I'll see myself at a bookstore riding a horse or casting a spell. I tried to read one of the books, and it started, 'He was not traditionally handsome.' Ouch."

"He Was As Bad As You'd Imagine": Waiters Are Listing Off Their "Worst And Best Celebrity Customers"

"This was about five years ago, but I served Logan and Jake Paul. They were as bad you would expect. They rented out a room for a private event and were super late. The strongest memory I have is how Jake looked annoyed that I asked for his ID. The dude was either 21 or 22 at the time. Maybe he’s just used to everybody knowing who he was. I wasn’t really aware of them before that night."