Women Around The Country Were Crying As They Watched Christine Blasey Ford Testify Against Brett Kavanaugh

Those in the actual courtroom were seen and heard weeping as Ford gave a chilling and detailed account of the alleged assault.

Women across the country took time out of their morning Thursday to tune into the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. They waited with bated breath to hear from Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman to publicly accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Ford opened her testimony by saying she was "terrified" to be on a national stage. "I am here not because I want to be," she said.

"I am here because I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while Brett Kavanaugh and I were in high school."

Ford then gave a chilling account of what she said happened to her at a party in 1982. Her voice was shaky throughout, and at one point, she could be seen crying.

Reporters in the courtroom, including BuzzFeed News' Paul McLeod, said they observed and heard people crying as Ford spoke.

As Blasey Ford emotionally describes the alleged assault, crying, you can also hear crying and see tears throughout the audience in the room.

McLeod reported that while Republican and Democrat senators sat stony-faced during Ford’s emotional testimony, "the room was silent but for the clicking of reporters typing and some people quietly weeping in the audience."

DC reporter Jamie Dupree captured Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney wiping away tears in the audience.

In the audience, tears streaming down the face of Rep Carolyn Maloney D-NY as she listens to Ford

And as Ford spoke, people said the moment was so raw and powerful that they, or other women they knew, began sobbing.

Every woman I am in contact with is sobbing right now.

Dr. Ford looks nervous. Scared. Uncomfortable. Everything I was feeling when I sat in front of a detective & discussed the excrutiating details of my sexual assault I can't stop crying. Dr. Ford, we are w/ you. We believe you. Im so sorry this was asked of you #KavanaughHearings

Dr. Ford is talking and I am crying and that is all I have to say #Kavanaugh #IBelieveChristineBlaseyFord

Some said they saw "women visibly crying with headphones on" as they livestreamed the hearing while on their commutes.

I count three women visibly crying with headphones on in my subway car.

I’m sitting on the bus and crying while watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on my phone. I’m in awe of her strength and courage. We see you. We believe you.

And "a woman standing outside my office building listening to the testimony and crying."

There is a woman standing outside my office building listening to the testimony and crying. That’s how today is going.

Some were reportedly outside of the hearing, in groups, huddled around phones and crying together.

Outside the hearing, there are groups of women, huddled over phones streaming Dr. Ford’s testimony, crying.

Groups of women huddled outside of the hearing, crying as they streamed Dr. Ford’s testimony on their phones, according to reporter Elaina Plott. #KavanaughHearings https://t.co/8XXvN1jgCB 📸: Getty Images https://t.co/5txnzcjNQI

People said the tears shed around the country on Thursday were "because we can relate to [Ford's] pain," one user wrote. "Many of us know what this feels like."

@shannoncoulter Women are crying all over the United States because we can relate to her pain. Many of us know what this feels like.

Watch Ford's full opening statement below.

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