Taylor Swift Encouraged Fans To Throw Movie Theater Etiquette Out The Window For Her "Eras Tour" Concert Film, And People Are Scared

"I really hope my theater is hype cause I’m ready to act like we’re at the actual show. Ima scream, and cry," one person wrote in response to Taylor's Instagram post.

In case you somehow managed to miss it, on Thursday, Taylor Swift announced that her record-breaking Eras Tour will be coming to movie theaters across North America in October.

Close-up of Taylor performing onstage

The tour kicked off in March and currently has shows scheduled up until November 2024, with the concert film announcement coming shortly after Taylor completed the first leg of Eras earlier this month.

Close-up of Taylor performing onstage with a guitar

And if you have been anywhere near social media this year, you're probably aware of how much of an event every single sold-out stadium show has been.

Close-up of Taylor performing onstage at a stadium

Fans have leaned into extravagance with their showstopping outfits, started a tradition of making and exchanging friendship bracelets with other concertgoers, and even created several Swiftie in-jokes for certain moments in Taylor's set.

Close-up of Taylor smiling and looking up

For example, shortly before the tour kicked off, TikToker @mikaelarellano went viral after he posted his dance routine for the "Bejeweled" chorus, which consisted of strutting in a straight line and wiggling his fingers on the word "shimmer."

@mikaelarellano / Via tiktok.com

Not only did Taylor herself incorporate this into her show, but the "shimmer" fingers have become a staple among all fans while she is performing this song.

@likethenovels / Via tiktok.com

Meanwhile, the trend of shouting, "1, 2, 3, let's go, bitch!" at the start of the song "Delicate" has been an established part of Swiftie lore since 2018.

@becccaaaboo / Via tiktok.com

Not to mention the way that fans love to scream the bridge to Lover favorite “Cruel Summer” at the tops of their voices.

@Kaymar10 / Via tiktok.com

In fact, many have gone so far as to compare the audience participation at Taylor's Eras Tour to cult movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Twitter: @132minutes

And Taylor acknowledged this as she announced the Eras Tour film on her social media pages yesterday, actively encouraging her fans to sing and dance while at the theater and even referencing the "Delicate" in-joke.

Close-up of Taylor performing onstage with a guitar

Sharing the trailer with her followers, Taylor wrote in the caption, "The Eras Tour has been the most meaningful, electric experience of my life so far and I’m overjoyed to tell you that it’ll be coming to the big screen soon 😆 Starting Oct 13th you’ll be able to experience the concert film in theaters in North America! Tickets are on sale now."

She then added, "Eras attire, friendship bracelets, singing and dancing encouraged 🫶 1, 2, 3 LGB!!!! (iykyk)."

Screenshot of her IG comment

And of course fans picked up on this immediately, with one person tweeting, "taylor literally told us to sing and dance like this is gonna be the best night ever and everyone else in that theater is gonna hate us!!!!"

Twitter: @livsmastermind

Another added, "If anyone is sitting and just watching this I will personally be removing them from the theater to better the experience for us screamers thank you."

Twitter: @repfolkmore13

One more wrote, "I really hope my theater is hype cause I’m ready to act like we’re at the actual show. Ima scream, and cry, summon the fucking demons."

Twitter: @auttooowell

But not everybody is on the same page, especially as movie theater etiquette has become an increasingly contentious subject in recent years.

Close-up of Taylor onstage performing

While of course people can agree that seeing the Eras concert film isn't the same as going to watch a regular movie at the theater, some have expressed their concern at fans being made to think that they can behave the same way at the screening as they would at the actual concert.

Close-up of Taylor onstage performing with a guitar

And many have admitted that they don’t even want to go and see the film if they won’t be able to hear Taylor over Swifties in the audience screaming.

Close-up of Taylor onstage performing

One person wrote, "probably an unpopular opinion but i hope others in the theater i’m in for the eras tour film actually treat it like a movie & not a concert. i’m all for trading bracelets before it starts & even singing along but not at a volume where we can’t hear taylor & def no standing."

Twitter: @midnghtsvinyl

Another tweeted, "idc what taylor said y’all can not be standing up and dancing or screaming the songs at the theater like?? you are normal regular civilian."

Twitter: @cardgamebets

One more agreed, "sorry but im gonna be annoyed if ppl are gonna be singing in the theater like i wanna hear taylor not you."

@nejifolklore / @trishlikefish88 / TikTok / Via Twitter: @nejifolklore

Someone else added, "so I want to see the Eras Tour in theaters but if it’s just going to be a bunch of people singing in a theater so loud I can’t hear Taylor then what’s even the point."

Twitter: @ethan_wh_

While another wrote, "I am BEYOND happy that we're getting an eras movie but I kinda wish it was straight to streaming... I do not want to be in a movie theatre where I can't hear Taylor because everyone else there is singing and I can't see the screen because people are dancing."

Screenshot of the tweet

One more concluded, "I think Taylor said singing and dance encouraged bc she probably hasn’t been to a regular ass movie theatre in over a decade, like just gave permission for the worst behavior."

Twitter: @cascadeoceanwav

Others shared their concern for the staff working at the movie theaters, with one person retweeting somebody who defiantly wrote, "hey, she said singing is ENCOURAGED" and adding, "Pls listen to whatever is requested of you by the employees at the theater you’re attending and not Taylor’s Instagram post."

Twitter: @lizzylemondrop

So far, there is no information available about when the Eras Tour concert film will be released internationally, with fans across the globe expressing their disappointment about missing out — despite the etiquette drama.

Taylor performing onstage with her dancers

"I don’t understand why Taylor doesn’t make the eras movie worldwide🧍🏼‍♀️," one person wrote. "Like a lot of international fans don’t even get eras tour dates now they can’t even watch the movie?"

Twitter: @speaknownora

While someone else joked, "what is joe biden's plan to bring the eras tour concert film to international cinemas?"

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