27 Photos To Remind You That 2021 Wasn’t Completely Terrible

2021 put us through the wringer, but it wasn't all bad. We look back at some of the more pleasant moments of the year.

Three girls on a swingset while one hangs upside down from the top bar
Olivia stands at the podium while Jen stands on the side
Bella Hadid wearing a necklace in the shape of the bronchial tubes in lungs that covers her otherwise exposed chest
Two girls hang out on the dock of a lake, and in a second photo, two girls braid each other's hair
A smiling pregnant woman with her hands up crosses the finish line of a race
JoJo Silwa kisses her girlfriend on the red carpet
A crowd of smiling people with their arms raised and holding banners and signs
A Chihuahua licks the face of a woman seated at a picnic table
Man sitting in a small enclosure and a close-up of tomatoes
Ben in a bow tie gazes at J.Lo
A pair of giant whales, seen beneath the surface, comes up to a man fishing in a boat
A man holds a baby under the waterfall as other people sit nearby

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