A Photographer On The Prowl Captured New York City's Most Outrageous Halloween Costumes

New Yorkers traded masks for ... well, different masks this Halloween weekend, and Adam Powell captured some of the best costumes on the streets.

Adam Powell is a British photographer who brings an outsider's eye to his street photos of New York and America as a whole. His work often focuses on obsession, and for many people, Halloween is as obsessed as they get. His photos of America seek out the strange and reflect it back for us to consider. There's never been a better time to get weird than Halloween, nearly two years into the pandemic, with plenty pent-up energy and costume ideas boiling over.

For these photos, Powell crisscrossed Manhattan and Brooklyn over two days and brought us back the best of the costume landscape.

Five people on a bench dressed like characters from Scooby Doo
Left, a man dressed as a skeleton walking a dog dressed like a skeleton; right, a jeff koons balloon animal dog
Two people on a bench with sheets over their heads, dressed like ghosts
Left, a hand holding a phone live streaming a man dressed like the joker, right a man dressed as shrek looking lovingly at his partner
Three women dressed as blue men entering the subway through the turnstiles
A large group of people dressed as playing cards banging drums
Left, the hulk in a liquor store, right, a man with bad makeup in front of a miller high life sign
A ghost on a subway, a witch sits next to him
A woman in a gimp costume and a dog looking surprised
A man in a cowboy hat pretends to pour a beer into the mouth of an inflatable cow
Left, the tin man drinking a beer, right, a bob ross painting sipping out of a pouch
Six people dressed as spiderman, one batman, a captain america and a joker in front of a fountain
A baby in a stroller in costume with a pumpkin bucket, right a witch between closing subway doors
A ghostly marie antoinette walking in front of a door that says stair D on the street
Left a group of people in wild costumes, right a man with assless chaps on the street
A drag queen with a massive purple wig in a purple bathroom
Left, a nun and a clown in face makeup look out the window of a bar, right, a man in adidas and a king costume sits alone on a bench
A group of partygoers in a club, with disco balls all around them

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