Here’s How Taylor Swift Reacted To A Heckler Who Told Her She’s “Ruining Football” By Simply Attending Travis Kelce’s Games

“telling her she’s ruining football? girl she just watches the games and minds her business,” one person tweeted.

Ever since Taylor Swift began making regular appearances at her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s football games last September, some fans of the sport haven’t been too pleased.

Taylor, who has been romantically linked with Travis since last July, is often filmed in the VIP suites at his games. On numerous occasions, she’s been joined by members of Travis’s family, as well as Brittany Mahomes, who is the wife of athlete Patrick Mahomes.

And Taylor’s appearances at the games have taken the internet by storm time and again, with the NFL even repeatedly cutting to her during its television broadcasts and changing its Twitter (now known as X) banner to a bunch of photos of her back in October.

Sadly for Taylor, it wasn’t long at all before all the attention on her annoyed a bunch of football fans. Last month, she was loudly booed when she was shown on screen during a Kansas City Chiefs game.

Taylor, who was sat with Brittany and her dad, looked as though she’d anticipated the boos from the crowd, and several fans were left feeling super sorry for her.

But over the weekend, Taylor’s presence at the Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens game bothered a bunch of people once again.

As you might’ve seen, the Chiefs defeated the Ravens, thus winning the AFC Championship and securing a place at the 2024 Super Bowl. Taylor shamelessly ran onto the pitch to celebrate with Travis, and the pair looked overjoyed.

But, in a video taken behind-the-scenes at the game, Taylor was met with some nasty remarks from a few apparent Ravens fans.

While Taylor was walking with Brittany, one person can be heard shouting at her: “You did that shit!” — referring to Travis’s team’s huge win. With a smile on her face, she replied, “I didn’t do anything!”

Then, someone else yelled, “Hey Taylor, you’re ruining football! You’re ruining football!” Taylor continued to wave and smile, seemingly ignoring the heckler altogether and going about her business.

As soon as the video surfaced online, Taylor was met with floods of support from fans.

“telling her she’s ruining football? girl she just watches the games and minds her business,” one person wrote. “raven fans yelling ‘you’re ruining football’ at taylor… literally disgusting. mind u all she does is attend the games,” another tweet read.

“All she is doing is being there, existing and cheering on her boyfriend,” someone else wrote, while other users went on to praise Taylor’s graceful response to the heckling.

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