People Can’t Get Over The Similarities Between The Plot Of “High School Musical” And Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Romance — Here’s What Vanessa Hudgens Makes Of It All

T as in Travis?

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If you’ve been on social media at all over the past few days, there’s a high chance that you’ve seen all the buzz around Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s adorable PDA-moment after the AFC Championship.

On Sunday, Travis’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won their game against the Baltimore Ravens, thus securing their spot on the pitch at this year’s Super Bowl.

Taylor — who, as per usual, was in attendance at the game — ran onto the field after the Chiefs’ huge win to celebrate with Travis.

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To many fans, the moment seemed like something out of a classic rom-com, and naturally, it fueled long-running comparisons between Taylor and Travis’s romance and the plot of High School Musical.

As fans of the 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie will know, HSM stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron as Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton. Gabriella is a part of their school’s scholastic decathlon team, while Troy is captain of the basketball team.

A few weeks ago, the Chiefs played a game within just hours of the Golden Globe Awards, where Taylor was in attendance. This reminded several people of the part in HSM where Troy’s championship game takes place at the same time as Gabriella’s scholastic decathlon.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one user wrote: "The Chiefs game and the Golden Globes being within hours of each other reminds me when Troy and Gabriella had the basketball game and the academic decathlon at the same time as the audition for the school music.”

Twitter: @TheLuckyMia

And after the tweet was reposted on Instagram by Entertainment Tonight, Vanessa herself took to the comments to share her thoughts.

“Hilarious,” she wrote, while several more users went on to call Travis and Taylor the “modern day Troy and Gabriella.”

“this genuinely feels like the plot of a 2004 style romcom because wdym the biggest pop star in the world fell in love with the star football player at the height of their careers,” one person tweeted.

Twitter: @id_lie13

“And she has to race across the world from her sold-out concert to see him play at the Super Bowl, only to make it just in time??! The romcom is writing itself,” someone else wrote, referring to the fact that the day before the 2024 Super Bowl, Taylor will finish her Eras Tour concerts in Japan.

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