The NFL Changed Their Twitter Banner To Photos Of Taylor Swift And People Are Really Starting To Side-Eye This Whole Travis Kelce Thing

“the NFL/Taylor crossover is exhausting… I’m the biggest swiftie there is but I’m also a genuine football fan and just want to watch the game,” one Twitter user wrote.

By now, it’s probably safe to assume that you have heard about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship, with the entire thing unfolding pretty publicly over the last few months.

closeup of taylor cheering at a game

Back in July, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end admitted that he was disappointed that he didn’t get to meet Taylor when he went to her Eras tour, adding that he’d hoped to give her his phone number.

closeup of him in uniform during a game

In the weeks that followed, rumors began to circulate that the two had quietly started seeing one another, with Travis’s brother, Jason Kelce, and the NFL’s social media pages, among the ones to fuel the speculation.

closeup of taylor on stage

Then, last month, Travis said that he’d “put the ball in her court” and invited Taylor to watch him play at Arrowhead Stadium. He then teased: “We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

closeup of him during a press conference

To the shock of pretty much everybody, Taylor took Travis up on his offer and was spotted cheering him on from his friends and family VIP suite at the stadium just three days later.

taylor cheering at the game

Taylor proudly sat with the football star’s mom and dad and didn’t seem to care who saw her as she enthusiastically supported the Chiefs.

taylor cheering next to travis's mom

She and Travis were then seen leaving the venue together, and driving in his convertible car with the top down as they headed to a private dinner and after-party.

closeup of him on the field

This public display seemingly sent the world into meltdown, with Taylor’s NFL appearance dominating social media as well as the celebrity and sports news cycles.

Travis fueled this interest three days later when he discussed Taylor on his and his brother’s New Heights podcast. At the time, Travis praised Taylor for the “pretty ballsy” move of showing up to the game, and both he and Jason admitted that they anticipated “a lot of new” listeners.

He went on to say that while he acknowledges that he “brought all this attention” on himself, he plans to dial back how much he speaks about Taylor going forward. Travis concluded: “I think talking about sports will have to be kind of where I keep it.”

And while this sentiment might be true for Travis, the same can not be said for the NFL as a whole — with Taylor once again sparking serious attention when she showed up to support the Chiefs at their game against the New York Jets on Sunday.

taylor and friends cheering at the game

This time Taylor brought the whole squad, including Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Sabrina Carpenter.

taylor leaning into blake lively and pointing to the field

The TV broadcast of the game repeatedly cut to Taylor as she cheered on her team, and the star was seen with her arm around Travis’s mom, and interacting with her famous friends.

taylor hugging friends during a touchdown

At one point, the NBC broadcast suddenly cut from Taylor watching the game to a shot of the Cornelia Street sign in Greenwich Village in a nod to Taylor’s song “Cornelia Street,” which is about her ex, Joe Alwyn.

the street sign

The game commentators also spoke about Taylor throughout, and many of the clips of her at the game were shared on the NFL’s official Twitter page, which has over 33 million followers.

Twitter @NFL / NBC / Via Twitter: @NFL

“The @Chiefs are now 2-0 with @TaylorSwift13 in attendance,” one of their tweets read.

Twitter @NFL / NBC / Via Twitter: @NFL

And after the Chiefs won, the NFL changed their Twitter banner to a collage of photos of Taylor watching the game and updated their bio to: “we had the best day with you today,” which is a lyric from Taylor’s song, “The Best Day.”

But some have started to feel a little uncomfortable with the whole thing and think that the NFL is focusing too much on Taylor instead of the actual football games.

taylor cheering and putting a drink in the air

While Taylor’s fans were initially hugely supportive of the new hype surrounding the star, one shared a screenshot of the NFL’s Swiftie-themed Twitter profile on Monday and asked: “Y’all be honest is it unreasonable that I find this a little strange?”

Twitter @lavenderpain13 / Twitter @NFL / Via Twitter: @lavenderpain13

And it didn’t take long for this tweet to blow up, with it having 90,000 likes at the time of writing. Thousands of users have also retweeted the post with their own thoughts, one person wrote: “The NFL is being so incredibly uncool about all this.”

Twitter @julesterpak / Twitter @lavenderpain13 / Twitter @NFL / Via Twitter: @julesterpak

“The NFL has the vibe of a Dad that's trying and failing to be cool in front of his teenage daughter and her friends,” one more joked.

Twitter @ActualCorn / Twitter @lavenderpain13 / Twitter @NFL / Via Twitter: @ActualCorn

Somebody else tweeted: “the NFL/Taylor crossover is exhausting… I’m the biggest swiftie there is but I’m also a genuine football fan and just want to watch the game.”

Twitter @holly_caitlin / Via Twitter: @holly_caitlin

Another wrote: “idk if this is an unpopular opinion or not nfl has to stop making the these games about taylor like that is so embarrassing for them also it totally discredits all of the football players who worked hard to be where they’re at.”

Twitter @iknowhauntedd / Via Twitter: @iknowhauntedd

And football fans feel the same way, with a dedicated sports account tweeting the same screenshot of the NFL’s profile as well as their Taylor-fied Instagram account and writing: “At some point this is just a little ridiculous…”

Twitter @MySportsUpdate / Twitter @NFL / Instagram @NFL / Via Twitter: @MySportsUpdate

“That point was last week. At this point its a joke and so is the NFL,” another user replied.

Twitter @huffingdecks / Twitter @MySportsUpdate / Twitter @NFL / Via Twitter: @huffingdecks

But others have pointed out that the NFL is massively benefitting from Taylor’s recent involvement, with Sunday’s game having millions more viewers than previous football games this season after her fans tuned in for a glimpse of her in the suite.

taylor with her friends

In fact, NBC reported that ratings peaked at an estimated 29.4 million, which makes it the most-watched game since the Super Bowl final in February.

a chiefs player running with the ball after almost getting tackled

Sales for Travis’s 87 Chiefs jersey have also spiked almost 400% since Taylor’s first football appearance on Sept. 24.

travis in his jersey

“I think all of us are annoyed by it but I can’t blame them for going after her fan base. That’s a lot of new viewers and revenue,” one football fan reasoned.

Twitter @SkolSouth / Twitter @MySportsUpdate / Twitter @NFL / Via Twitter: @SkolSouth

Another agreed: “This is probably a once ina lifetime opportunity for the NFL to cash in on making more money from doing nothing different and acquiring a large subset of fans they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.”

Twitter @Schillerverse / Twitter @MySportsUpdate / Twitter @NFL / Via Twitter: @Schillerverse

While somebody else joked: “so cool how taylor swift is uplifting this sports org called the NFL. they’re gonna totally blow up soon i can feel it.”

Twitter @jzux / Via Twitter: @jzux

On Tuesday, the NFL updated their Twitter banner and bio from Taylor to reflect the upcoming Jaguars vs. Bills game that will take place in London this weekend.

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