Sydney Sweeney Got Real About Having “No Control” Over The Horrific Way People Sexualize Her On The Internet, And It’s Heartbreaking

“People feel connected and free to be able to speak about me in whatever way they want, because they believe that I’ve signed my life away,” said Sydney.

Earlier this month, Sydney Sweeney’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig sparked some mixed discourse, with several viewers calling out the writers for centering many of the jokes around her appearance.

Sydney in a spaghetti-strap dress stands smiling on the SNL stage with a live band in the background

Perhaps most notably, Sydney featured in a sketch that saw her portraying a waitress at Hooters who racked up tons of tips from male customers who found her attractive. Elsewhere, while promoting the show alongside Kacey Musgraves and Heidi Gardner, Sydney noted, “Weirdly, a lot of my fans are men,” to which Kacey replied, “Hmm, I wonder why.”

Three women, including Sydney, at a counter in Hooters uniform, one is holding cash

Sydney’s looks being featured as the butt of many of her SNL jokes left many people labeling the entire thing “sad” and “misogynistic” — especially given that Sydney has openly discussed how she’s constantly been sexualized throughout her life.

Sydney on the red carpet

Back in 2022, for example, Sydney called out the people who diminish her acting skills because of how conventionally attractive she is — with her comments inadvertently sparking a conversation around the way some internet users view her solely as a “sex icon” who “signed up” for scrutiny.

And now, Sydney has addressed the constant discourse around her body during a new interview with Variety.

A close-up of Sydney posing, wearing  a floral-themed outfit with large adornments around the neck

After being asked about the SNL backlash specifically, Sydney said of the online discourse around her body: “I see it, and I just can’t allow myself to have a reaction. I don’t know how to explain it — I’m still trying to figure it out myself.”

Sydney Sweeney in a sheer strapless dress posing at an event

“That these characters are for everybody else, but then me as Sydney is not for me anymore. It’s this weird relationship that people have with me that I have no control or say over,” she added.

Sydney in an oversized blazer, sequined shorts, and sunglasses, holding a handbag

Sydney’s comments quickly struck a chord with fans, with several internet users expressing their support for the actor.

“The way a lot of men talk about Sydney can be so disgusting, it’s no surprise it feels dehumanizing to her,” one person tweeted. “She's not wrong. she is a fine actress and discourse online is only about her chest area and they constantly sexualize her. It gets really gross with the stuff I've seen,” someone else said.

“I find this disturbing about people. I see it in comments all the time about celebrities and famous artists, whether they’re musicians, actors, writers etc. People are so unkind the way they speak of celebrities when they [know] nothing about them personally,” one more user added.

You can read Sydney’s full Variety interview here.

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