A Joke About Sydney Sweeney’s Appearance In A “Saturday Night Live” Clip Has Sparked Backlash After She Previously Talked About The “Ridiculous” Way She’s Been Sexualized

“Challenge for SNL writers: have Sydney tell jokes that aren’t just about her being hot.”

Sydney Sweeney is making her Saturday Night Live hosting debut this weekend, and while expectations are high, the show's promotional videos have stirred up some concerns.

Sydney in a strapless, beaded dress posing at an event with branded backdrops

In the wake of Sydney’s hit movie Anyone but You, Wednesday’s promo clip poked fun at her rom-com success by setting her up in a meet-cute with Saturday Night Live cast member Michael Longfellow.

Sydney in a denim jacket looking at Michael, offscreen

In the second clip, which was uploaded Thursday, Sydney is joined by musical guest Kacey Musgraves and SNL cast member Heidi Gardner.

The three women on SNL stage: Sydney in a corset over a blouse,  Kacey and Heidi in long-sleeved tops

As you will probably have noticed, both of the promo clips center on Sydney’s desirability — particularly the joke in the second video, which obviously implies that she has so many male fans because of how conventionally attractive she is.

Sydney in a V-neck gown at a media event

And in case you didn’t know, Sydney has previously talked at length about her physical appearance and the difficulties of being constantly sexualized throughout her life.

Sydney posing at an event

In light of all this, people have taken to social media ahead of Saturday’s show to urge the SNL writers to come up with “better material” that isn’t entirely focused on Sydney’s appearance, worrying that “90% of the jokes” will be “misogynistic.”

Sydney in a dress and statement earrings smiles at a media event

Interestingly, people also brought up Sydney’s Euphoria costar Jacob Elordi, whose SNL hosting debut in January was similarly criticized because his “good looks [were] the subject of too many skits.”

Jacob onstage at SNL with a microphone stand, smiling, wearing a sweater, with the SNL band in the background

Sydney has not responded to the commentary. You can watch the full promo clips here ahead of her Saturday Night Live debut.

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