Kim Kardashian Clarified That North West Doesn’t Post Unedited Videos Of Her Without Her Permission After People Freaked Out Over That Makeup-Free TikTok

“North has to get everything approved by me... It's not like anything's posted without my permission,” Kim said.

Kim Kardashian is weighing in on all the buzz around her makeup-free photos.

As you’re probably aware, Kim — and the Kardashian/Jenners — have long used filters and editing software to digitally manipulate their social media pictures, sometimes resulting in some pretty awkward fails.

What’s more, the Kar/Jenners have also been accused of using filters to blur their faces on their reality TV series, while one of Kim’s recent appearances on The Tonight Show was seemingly edited, too.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Kim’s eldest daughter, North West, shared a bunch of photos of the mogul with no makeup on to their joint TikTok account, which is managed by Kim.

The photos quickly garnered attention online, and now, Kim has spoken out on the subject.

Speaking with Bustle last week, Kim admitted she finds it “ridiculous” that people freak out over her makeup-free photos, clarifying that she most certainly approves everything that gets posted to her and North’s TikTok page.

“If you notice, all the TikToks are me without makeup. North has to get everything approved by me,” Kim said.

“The TikTok is on my phone. So, it's like, all the pictures are taken on my phone. It's not like anything's posted without my permission. I just think sometimes it's like, Who cares?” she continued.

Kim went on to say that she films makeup-free for her Hulu show and posts bare-faced pictures “all the time.”

“I film on my show all the time with no makeup. So I find it just kind of ridiculous. And it's like, ‘Oh my God, she has no makeup.’ I post photos with no makeup all the time,” she said.

“Also... When I do a photo shoot, I always let the photographer just [do their thing]. I love working with different people, even if it's not exactly what I would do. I like to see other people's vision of me,” she added.

Kim also noted that she wouldn’t want to “ruin” North’s experiences of filming spontaneous TikTok videos “really early” or “really late” in the day, when she may not be wearing makeup.

“North loves doing TikToks and social media really early in the morning and sometimes really late at night and I have no makeup on. And she's always like, ‘Mom, come on, let's just do it.’ And why not? What am I going to do, ruin the experience because I want to go get some makeup on? It's kind of ridiculous,” Kim said.

You can read Kim’s full chat with Bustle here.

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