Jodie Turner-Smith And Joshua Jackson Reportedly Disagreed On Their Official Separation Date, According To New Court Documents

Joshua has finally responded after Jodie shockingly filed for divorce almost two months ago, citing “irreconcilable differences” as her reasoning.

Joshua Jackson has reportedly responded to Jodie Turner-Smith’s divorce filing, according to new court documents.

For those who missed it, Jodie filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Joshua, early last month, citing “irreconcilable differences” as her reasoning.

In the court documents, which were obtained by BuzzFeed, Jodie requested that she and Joshua be appointed joint legal and physical custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Juno. She also noted that she didn’t want spousal support for herself or Joshua, given that they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement when they tied the knot in 2019.

When news broke that Jodie had filed for divorce, sources claimed that Joshua was “caught off guard” by her decision to end their marriage.

“Joshua was clearly caught off guard by Jodie’s decision to divorce. They had their issues, as many couples do — especially two busy actors who are also juggling a child,” one insider claimed to Us Weekly.

“Joshua obviously didn’t realize it was this bad, that Jodie was this unhappy,” they said, adding, “Their friends are baffled and trying to understand how this came about.”

Meanwhile, a separate source claimed to People that Jodie had decided to file for divorce because she felt her and Joshua’s marriage had become “unhealthy.”

The insider alleged, “She decided that she is done. It turned into an unhealthy marriage that made her unhappy.”

Neither Jodie nor Joshua have publicly spoken out about their divorce since the news broke early in October. However, Jodie did raise eyebrows a month ago when she shared a string of cryptic messages to her Instagram stories — one of which was pointedly about “unhealed people,” right as Joshua was spotted out with a newly-single Lupita Nyong’o.

Now, almost two months after Jodie initially filed for divorce, Joshua has reportedly responded.

According to new court documents obtained by Blast, Joshua agreed with most of Jodie’s requests surrounding their divorce. He purportedly cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split, and also said that he wants to share custody of Juno.

However, Joshua reportedly disagreed with Jodie on their formal date of separation.

Blast reports that Joshua listed their separation date as Sept. 30, 2023 — which was 17 days after the date Jodie claimed they split, on Sept. 13, 2023.

It’s unclear on which of these dates they officially parted ways. However, Jodie’s initial claim that they split on Sept. 13 previously left fans baffled, given that she and Joshua were pictured smiling and holding hands at a public event the day before, on Sept. 12.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted if any updates unfold.

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