“Friends” Actors Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer Reunited In A Super Bowl Commercial, And You Need To See It

“Could we be laughing any harder at this Jen & David reunion?” one fan commented.

Calling all Friends fans: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer just reunited in a new Super Bowl ad!

Of course, Jen and David worked together for 10 years on the hit NBC series Friends, playing on-again, off-again lovers Rachel and Ross between 1994 and 2004.

Jen and David hugging and canoodling in a scene from "Friends"

Ever since the show ended, David and Jennifer — as well as the rest of the Friends cast — have remained super close, with the pair even revealing years later that they actually crushed on each other while filming.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schimmer

And so, Friends fans were absolutely thrilled to see the pair team up in a new Uber Eats advert for the 2024 Super Bowl this week.

Closeup of Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

In the video, which also features a heap of celebrities like Usher and the Beckhams, Jen hilariously forgets David, who desperately tries to remind her of all the time they spent working together.

Jen looking at David in a scene from the Uber Eats commercial

“Jen! Hey!” David shouts as he walks over and attempts to give a confused-looking Jennifer a hug. She then replies, “Have we met?”

Jennifer smiling but clearly not knowing who David is in a scene from the  Uber Eats commercial
David going in for a hug with Jennifer

Jen then asks David to give her a “hint” about how they know each other, to which he dryly says, “We worked together for 10 years.”

Closeup of David Schwimmer

And while Jen later pretends to remember David, he sees right through her act, hilariously calling her out after the pair go back and forth.

Closeup of David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston

Reacting to the commercial now, Friends fans across the globe described Jen and David’s interaction as “iconic.”

Jen and David intimately hugging in a scene from "Friends"

“The one where Ross & Rachel reunite,” one fan commented under a clip of the video. “Aww, the one with Jen and David reunited, I love this commercial,” another person echoed.

David looking at Jen in the kitchen in a scene from "Friends"

“Could we be laughing any harder at this Jen & David reunion?” someone else said.

Meanwhile, several fans went on to joke that Jennifer simply didn’t remember David because they were “on a break” — a reference to Ross and Rachel’s iconic Friends gag.

Screenshot from Friends"

“She didn’t forget. Her memory is just ‘on a break,’” one person joked. “Well, they were on a break for most of it,” someone else quipped.

“Maybe Jennifer didn't remember David because they were on a break?” another user said.

What’s more, other users later quipped that the commercial writers should’ve had David mention his missing sandwich — another reference to one of his character Ross’s most memorable moments.

Screenshot from "Friends"

“Missed opportunity for David to accuse Jennifer of eating his sandwich,” someone wrote, while another person joked, “They missed the opportunity for David to go on a rampage after his Uber Eats delivery driver once he discovers that his Uber Eats sandwich delivery is missing.”

Closeup of David Schwimmer

You can watch the Uber Eats ad for yourself right here.

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