Kevin Federline Discussed Britney Spears’s Conservatorship And Their Two Sons’ Decision Not To See Her In A New Interview And Fans Are Accusing Him Of “Exploiting Her Trauma For Money”

Kevin’s new interview comes weeks after Britney’s lawyer said he could face legal repercussions for publicly posting a series of videos of the singer arguing with her sons.

Kevin Federline is continuing to publicly speak out about his ex-wife, Britney Spears, and her relationship with their two sons: 16-year-old Preston and 15-year-old Jayden.

For a bit of background, Kevin was granted sole custody of the boys in 2008 after Britney was placed under a strict conservatorship, which saw her life and finances controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, and a group of lawyers.

However, Kevin and Britney — whose turbulent, three-year marriage had come to an end the year prior to the conservatorship — agreed to a settlement in which she would receive two visits and one overnight per week.

Meanwhile, Britney continuously provided her ex with $20,000 per month for child support, all while covering their kids’ school, insurance, and clothing expenses. In 2018, Kevin requested an increase in this payment, which infuriated fans online.

Britney’s conservatorship, which she publicly described as “abusive” in court, wasn’t terminated until November 2021. Amid the heated legal battle to end the arrangement, the singer told a judge that she felt her dad should be in jail for his treatment of her, before also alleging that her “entire family” refused to help her when she was forced to “give tons of blood weekly” and get an IUD against her will.

Just last month, Kevin sparked huge backlash after he publicly discussed the controversial conservatorship and Britney’s complicated relationship with Preston and Jayden in an explosive tell-all interview with the Daily Mail.

The DJ claimed that while the teenagers were “happy” for Britney, they’d been choosing not to see her and consequently “made the decision” not to attend her wedding to longtime partner Sam Asghari in June. “The boys have decided they are not seeing her right now,” he said. “It’s been a few months since they've seen her. They made the decision not to go to her wedding.”

Kevin went on to allege that this was because they were unhappy that Britney frequently posts minimally censored naked photos, which she previously said she shares in a bid to reclaim her power after feeling constrained by the conservatorship for 13 years.

“I try to explain to [Preston and Jayden], ‘Look, maybe that’s just another way she tries to express herself,’” Kevin said. “But that doesn't take away from the fact of what it does to them. It's tough... I can't imagine how it feels to be a teenager having to go to high school.”

What’s more, Kevin seemingly dismissed Britney’s past remarks about the “abusive” conservatorship, as he said he believes the legal arrangement “saved” her.

“I saw this man [Jamie Spears] that really cared, and really cares about his family and wanting everything to be OK,” he said. “When Jamie took over, things got into order. He saved her life.”

Kevin’s remarks were quickly met with fierce criticism online, as fans questioned why he was publicly speaking out about Britney’s conservatorship, father, and relationship with her sons.

In fact, both Britney and her husband, Sam, released statements of their own publicly condemning Kevin. In a raw Instagram message, the pop star wrote: “It saddens me to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children,” she wrote. “As we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone.”

“It concerns me the fact that the reason is based on my Instagram,” she continued. “It was LONG before Instagram. I gave them everything. Only one word: HURTFUL.”

Shortly after, Britney shared another lengthy post discussing the relationship she has with her boys in more detail, claiming that Preston and Jayden were “hateful” when they visited her.

“I know that teenagers are just hard to deal with at that age … but COME ON, there’s being rude then there’s being HATEFUL,” she wrote, before claiming: “they would visit me, walk in the door, go straight to their room and lock the door.”

But in response, Kevin sparked further controversy as he hastily shared a series of videos of Britney arguing with their sons. “I can not sit back and let my sons be accused in this way after what they’ve been through. As much as it hurts us, we decided as a family to post these videos,” he wrote.

The videos, which appeared to be taken without Britney’s knowledge, were deleted from the platform not long after they were posted. The singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, quickly suggested that Kevin may have broken the law by publicly sharing videos that Britney was unaware were being shot, given that California is a two-party consent state.

In spite of all this, however, Kevin has now decided to speak out on Britney’s conservatorship and relationship with Preston and Jayden once again, in a forthcoming interview with the Australian news show 60 Minutes.

“I still feel bad for her,” Kevin said in the preview clip posted on Wednesday. Seemingly referencing his marriage to Britney, he later added: “It was amazing… Until it wasn’t.”

With the video going on to note that Kevin “wants to set the record straight about their boys’ decision,” the DJ said: “The boys, the boys, the boys. I had to worry about them. I couldn’t get involved.”

“It’s been a few months since they’ve actually [seen] her,” he added, while the video described the entire situation as a “family feud.”

The full interview is set to air on Sunday, but fans have criticized Kevin for once again drawing public attention to his and Britney's private matters ever since the preview was released.

“‘i still feel bad for her’ then why are you doing this? kfed what is the point of this then you know damn well that she didn't want all of this to be in the public,” one person wrote.

Another echoed, “private matters should always been kept private.”

Others went on to accuse Kevin of “exploiting” Britney’s “trauma for money,” as they questioned why he’s only now choosing to speak out about their strained relationship.

“There woudnt be a family ‘feud’ if her unemployed ex wasnt speaking about her, exploiting her trauma for money,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is absolute TRASH. Seriously, what a disgrace,” another wrote of the interview.

This is absolute TRASH. Seriously, what a disgrace.

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Britney, who is currently inactive on Instagram, has yet to publicly acknowledge Kevin’s forthcoming interview. However, we’ll be sure to update you if she does.

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