Zayn Malik Gave Some Rare Insight Into Life With His And Gigi Hadid’s 3-Year-Old Daughter, And It Sounds As If They Have The Most Fun Ever

“I’m just trying to keep her grounded and enjoying the Earth rather than all the noise that comes with it.”

Zayn Malik gave a rare insight into dad life with his daughter, Khai, whom he shares with his ex Gigi Hadid.

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For context, Gigi and Zayn started dating in 2015 and welcomed their daughter in September 2020.

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In the six years they dated on and off, Gigi and Zayn were incredibly private about their relationship — and they’ve adopted a similar approach to raising Khai.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik sitting side by side, Hadid in a top with stripes, Malik in a plain shirt

Shortly after Khai’s birth, Gigi told Vogue that she and Zayn had decided to raise her away from the public eye, inspired by friends like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who chose a similar route for their children.

At the time, she made it clear that neither she nor Zayn would post pictures of Khai’s face on social media. And in July 2021, Gigi doubled down by sharing an open letter to “the paparazzi, press, and beloved fan accounts” requesting that they respect her and Zayn’s wishes not to have photographs of Khai’s face circulating online.

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Now 3 years old, Khai enjoys a private upbringing primarily in Pennsylvania, where both of her parents spend much time away from the spotlight. And in a new interview with L’Officiel, Zayn opened up about the decision to center Khai’s life in a quieter and more rural location.

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“When I found out that my partner at the time was pregnant, I pretty quickly made up my mind that this would be a great place to raise a child because there's so much for her to do here,” he began, saying he fell in love “with the landscapes and serenity” of the area when he moved there seven years ago.

Giving a peek into what they get up to, Zayn said Khai has happily inherited his love of nature, revealing that they “spend a lot of time outside,” doing things like gardening and cooking.

Zayn walking with Gigi, who's pushing a baby stroller, and both wearing surgical masks

And it sounds as if it’s not just a love of the outdoors that Khai has picked up from her dad — the former One Direction star revealed that she’s already showing promise as a budding musician.

Zayn Malik in a checkered jacket and brown trousers in a group of people

“Khai has a lot of natural ability herself already,” he gushed. “I know it sounds ridiculous because she’s 3, but her retention for language, especially when it’s formatted in a musical sense to her, has been amazing.”

With nature, music, and fresh veggies to snack on, it sounds as if Khai has it pretty good! You can read Zayn’s full interview with L’Officiel here.

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