Sophie Turner Posted A Cryptic Breakup Song About Getting The “Bare Minimum” From “Someone You Love” After She Was Seen Kissing Her Rumored New Boyfriend In London

Three months after her divorce from Joe, Sophie appears to have moved on with a new man — though that hasn’t stopped her from seemingly dropping some hints about heartbreak.

It looks as if Sophie Turner might be attempting to drop hints about her breakup with Joe Jonas.

A close-up of Sophie Turner

In a year packed full of celebrity splits, Sophie and Joe’s divorce might take the prize for most baffling of all — not least for its shock value.

Joe and Sophie walking down the street

With no prior signs to suggest that the pair might be on the rocks, rumors of their divorce first surfaced in early September, and it was soon reported that Joe had filed to officially end their marriage after four years.

Close-up of Joe and Sophie wearing leather jackets

As you might recall, the weeks that followed this were filled with source quotes about the alleged reason for the split, with insiders making claims that Sophie’s party girl lifestyle forged a wedge between the couple.

The public breakdown of the relationship was also made all the more dramatic by a messy legal dispute relating to their two children, with Sophie accusing Joe of hiding the girls’ passports to prevent her from taking them home to the UK.

Joe and Sophie on the red carpet

Joe vehemently denied the claims he'd “abducted” their children, and the pair have since agreed to handle the rest of their divorce privately.

Close-up of Joe at a media event

And while things now seem to have settled down between the exes, it appears that Sophie might still be alluding to the breakup on social media.

Close-up of Joe and Sophie at a media event

On Wednesday, the Game of Thrones star took to Instagram to share a link to a song on her story — a track titled, “All I Ever Asked.”

Before we get into this, it’s worth noting that while Sophie is fairly active on Instagram, she tends to only post to her grid once per month and rarely on stories, so it’s not a reach to theorize that she might be attempting to drop some hints with this pointed one.

The song — which is by British singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri and was released more than a year ago, in March 2022 — is clearly a breakup track, telling the story of someone putting their all into a relationship and getting nothing in return.

Close-up of Joe and Sophie smiling at each other

“Just a little more time, was it really that hard to do? / It was all I ever asked of you,” the chorus goes, alluding to sadness and heartbreak in the cold demise of the romance. “Nothing compares to the trouble that I've been through / It was all I ever asked of you.”

Screenshot of the lyrics

To begin, the first verse seems to hint at a lack of communication and affection from the other party, making it difficult for the singer to establish a connection as they grapple with the end of the relationship.

Joe and Sophie walking together and wearing jackets

“Somewhere beneath the surface / I wanna find if you're the problem or the purpose / ’Cause it's borderline / Never know if you're sorry for what you said,” Rachel sings. “For all I know, you adore me / But kept it all inside your head.”

Screenshot of the lyrics

Closely mirroring the first, the second verse then depicts the individual growing more frustrated with their partner’s lack of effort, painting them in a more selfish light as they reach the breaking point.

Joe and Sophie walking together outside

“I said it straight, maybe I didn't make it obvious / I would deny you found a way / To make it ’bout yourself and all because / You're always right, never know if you're sorry for what you said,” the lyrics read. “For all I know, you adore me / But kept it all inside your head.”

Screenshot of the lyrics

And if we needed any more confirmation that the song centers on the end of a romantic relationship, the songwriter has confirmed it, with Rachel saying that the track is about the “feeling of asking someone you love to respect you in the simplest form and realizing it’s the bare minimum.”

Close-up of Joe and Sophie at a media event

She added, “It’s also about realizing your own worth and not settling for someone who cannot be what you need.”

Close-up of Joe and Sophie smiling at a media event

Of course, there are numerous ways to interpret the lyrics, so there's no confirming what exactly might be resonating with Sophie. However, the words certainly seem to align with reports that Joe was “less than supportive” of her during the last months of their marriage.

According to an insider who spoke to TMZ back in September, the marriage began to crumble when Joe allegedly disregarded Sophie’s desire to dial down her public appearances after the birth of their youngest daughter, Delphine, in July 2022.

Close-up of Joe and Sophie smiling at a media event

The source claimed that Sophie didn’t want to leave their home or be photographed during this time, but Joe complained about her reluctance to go out and pressured her into resuming normal life anyway.

Close-up of Joe and Sophie walking

A subsequent report by Us Weekly also alleged that a similar situation occurred when Joe was planning his Jonas Brothers tour with the expectation that Sophie would simply tag along with their kids.

Joe outside smiling and wearing a cap, jacket, and jeans

“Sophie didn’t want to always be ‘the Jonas brother’s wife,’” the source claimed, insinuating that she felt second to his career plans. “She didn’t want to go on tour and do everything together. It’s not her personality, and she wanted to keep their family separate from all the Jonas Brothers hoopla.”

The Jonas Brothers standing with their partners at a media event

On top of this, another insider alleged that Joe’s work commitments also made it difficult for Sophie to parent while she was juggling her career, too, saying, “Being a mom on the road is not easy, even when you have unlimited resources.”

Sophie outside wearing sunglasses and a jacket

Obviously, there were likely a number of contributing factors that impacted the divorce, although the song on Sophie’s story certainly appears to echo the narrative that she felt disregarded by Joe in the latter stages of the marriage.

Sophie and Joe walking together on the street

What’s more, the timing of the cryptic post also might correspond with another development in Sophie’s love life — namely, a new beau.

Sophie outside wearing sunglasses and looking at her phone

While Joe has been preoccupied with his Jo Bros tour, Sophie appears to have moved on with someone new. In late October, she was photographed in Paris sharing a kiss with Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson, who is known as Perry and is the heir to the 4th Viscount Cowdray — a county in Sussex, England.

Sophie smiling at a media event

When the first photos of them surfaced online, the nature of the relationship wasn’t entirely clear. However, it now seems that Sophie and Perry might be getting more serious, as they were seen sharing some more PDA in London over the past week.

Sophie wearing a suit jacket at a media event

Amid the developing romance, reports have claimed that things are “still fairly new” but that Sophie is “really happy with how things are moving along.”

Close-up of Sophie at the BAFTA Awards

So, being that Joe is yet to be linked with anyone else after the divorce, it’s possible that Sophie’s Insta story could be an attempt to preempt any potential backlash to her new romance by affirming her position as the heartbroken one in the split.

Joe onstage performing with his brother

Needless to say, we can’t draw any solid conclusions from the post. But as any keen Insta user knows, posting a song on your story is often more of a statement than a recommendation — particularly when you’re in your feels.

Close-up of Sophie smiling at a media event and wearing a spaghetti-strap outfit

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