Sofía Vergara Shared All The Reasons Why It Wasn’t A “Good Idea” For Her And Joe Manganiello To Have Kids During Their Marriage

“There’s things in life that might sound like good ideas, but they’re not.”

Sofía Vergara has opened up about why it wouldn’t have been “fair” for her to have a child with her ex-husband, Joe Manganiello.

Closeup of Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara

If you need reminding, Joe and Sofía split in July 2023 after seven years of marriage. Joe was the one to file for divorce, and at the time, reports suggested they broke up over conflicting feelings about having kids.

Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello

A few months later, Sofía confirmed this was the case, telling Spanish newspaper El País: “My marriage broke up because my husband was younger; he wanted to have kids and I didn’t want to be an old mom.”

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And now, in a new cover interview with People, the Modern Family star shed more light on why she didn’t feel it was suitable for her and Joe to have kids.

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“There’s things in life that might sound like good ideas, but they’re not,” she told the outlet of having a baby with Joe. “I was a mother already. I know what it means to be a good mother or to try to be the best mother that you can, and that takes a lot of sacrifices, takes a lot of energy.”

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While she acknowledged that medical routes like IVF or surrogacy would have made it possible for her to have a baby in her 50s, Sofía said that she didn’t feel the need to try and get pregnant at this stage in her life and career.

Sofia Vergara poses confidently, wearing a strapless, embellished gown with chandelier earrings

“Before, nature for some reason tells your body at 50 you are in menopause, it’s time for you to be done with that,” she said. “There is a reason why nature is doing that… But that’s for me, and I totally respect where anyone wants to be a mom after 50.”

Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara

Since their divorce, Joe and Sofía have both moved on with new partners. Joe is dating actor Caitlin O'Connor, while Sofía recently confirmed her budding romance with orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman.

Closeup of Joe Manganiello

While chatting with People, Sofía admitted that dating in the public eye can be pretty challenging, but she also made it clear that she’s all about prioritizing fun in this new era of her life.

Justin Saliman and Sofía Vergara

You can read Sofía’s entire People interview here.

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