Ethan Slater Has Officially Filed For Divorce From His “Devastated” Wife Days After A Video Highlighted Ariana Grande’s History Of Seemingly Breaking Up Relationships

Ethan and his estranged wife welcomed their first child together last year but had apparently separated before he started dating Ariana, who also split from her husband this year.

It’s been over a week since the first reports that Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande have separated, and since then, it feels as if things have gotten more complicated by the day.

Close-up of Dalton and Ariana smiling

On July 17, TMZ broke the news that a divorce is imminent for Ari and Dalton, who have been married for two years.

There wasn't a ton of details in the reports, but numerous insiders said that the two have been separated since January and that Ari’s fame was a factor in the decision to part ways.

Close-up of Ariana sitting on a couch and smiling

They’d apparently been having issues for a while before the split, and things only got more difficult when Ariana moved to London to start filming for the Wicked movies in December.

Three days later, on July 20, fans were left in shock by reports that Ari had found love on the Wicked set, with multiple outlets confirming that she’s now dating her costar Ethan Slater.

Close-up of Ethan at a media event

Alongside Ari, who is starring as Glinda, Ethan will play Boq in Wicked. He is otherwise best known for his portrayal of SpongeBob in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical.

Ethan onstage with other SpongeBob cast members

The news of their rumored romance has been made a little complicated by the fact that Ethan, like Ari, recently split from his wife, Lilly Jay, with whom he welcomed a son in August.

Close-up of Ethan and Lilly at a media event

We don’t know for sure when Ethan and Lilly separated, although he apparently marked their fourth wedding anniversary on Instagram with a heartfelt post in November, as well as a Mother’s Day tribute in May.

Close-up of Ethan and Lilly at a media event

Several sources have been adamant that both Ari and Ethan were newly single when things started to get romantic.

Ariana, Ethan, and other Wicked cast members seated at a table

And now it seems that Ethan and Lilly’s separation is moving forward, with new reports that the Broadway alum filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart this week.

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According to TMZ, Ethan filed the legal docs yesterday in New York, and there isn’t yet a reason listed for the breakdown of their marriage.

Close-up of Ethan smiling at a media event

News of the divorce follows a slew of various insider quotes alleging that Ethan’s ex is “devastated” over his relationship with Ari, and she feels that “he abandoned his family.”

Close-up of Lilly and Ethan smiling at a media event

According to TMZ, Lilly thinks Ethan “turned his back” on her and their young child, who “won’t have both his mom and dad around” because they “aren't on good terms now that the Ariana relationship is full steam ahead.”

Other sources told Page Six that Lilly was “completely blindsided” by Ethan’s relationship with the singer, given that she was under the impression that “nothing appeared wrong” in their marriage.

Close-up of Ariana at the Grammys

A third source also alleged to Us Weekly that “Ethan sat Lilly down a few days before the news broke about him and Ariana and said that he wanted a divorce.”

Close-up of Ethan and Lilly Jay smiling at a media event

Of course, this is all speculation right now, and other insiders have spoken out in Ethan’s defense, claiming that reports he “abandoned his family” are “completely untrue.”

Close-up of Ethan smiling at a media event

Meanwhile, it seems that things between Ethan and Ari are moving ahead, with a source telling TMZ that they “are just trying to lay low and be respectful of their exes as they pursue this new relationship.”

Close-up of Ariana sitting in an audience and wearing a cap

As it stands, Ariana and Dalton are yet to officially file for divorce, but apparently the documents are expected imminently.

Close-up of Ariana

The news of Ethan’s divorce comes just days after a video presenting the ways in which Ariana has seemingly been caught up in numerous other relationship breakdowns went viral.

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