It Looks Like Alabama Barker May Have Just Responded To Shanna Moakler’s Seriously Brutal Comments About Travis Barker And The Kardashians

In an interview this week, Shanna accused Travis and Kourtney of “parental alienation” and said her kids have gotten “caught up” in the Kardashians’ lavish lifestyle.

Alabama Barker, Travis Barker’s 18-year-old daughter, has seemingly responded to her mom’s recent comments about the Kardashians.

Alabama and Travis at a media event dressed in colorful prints

For context, Travis and Shanna Moakler were married between 2004 and 2008, and in the four years they were together, they had two children: Landon and Alabama. Shanna also has a daughter named Atiana from a previous marriage, and Travis helped raise her too.

Travis with three of his children at a media event

Now ages 18, 20, and 24, respectively, Alabama, Landon, and Atiana are moving gradually more into the spotlight — largely because of Travis’s highly publicized relationship with Kourtney Kardashian Barker, which began in 2021.

Travis with Kourtney, Shanna, and other family members at a media event

And while their link to the Kardashians has brought them further into the limelight, it also may have caused some complications between them and their mom.

Close-up of Shanna at a media event

In case you didn’t know, Shanna has been pretty vocal about her dislike for the Kardashians, previously alleging that Kourtney and Kim “destroyed” her family and “put a wedge” in her relationship with her kids.

Close-up of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian at a media event

The Kardashians are buying my kids Prada every other day,” she told Us Weekly back in 2021. “They’re going on lavish trips. They’re doing all these things, which is fine. […] I want that for my children. I don’t think it’s great when they put a wedge in between their biological mother.”

Kris Jenner, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian onstage

And despite Shanna’s insistence that the Kardashian family are to blame for the rift, both Landon and Alabama have previously hinted that she hasn’t always been the best mom to them, with Landon once describing her as an “absent parent.”

Travis at a media event with two of his children

Well, fast-forward to this week, and Shanna is continuing to blame the Kardashians for causing a divide, alleging that her kids have gotten “caught up” in the family’s lavish lifestyle.

Close-up of Shanna at a media event

“I think there was a lot of glitter and fame and they watched them on TV, and now their dad is dating one and they’re going to be on the show. And I think they got caught up in that, which young kids would do,” she said in an appearance on the Dumb Blonde podcast this week.

Close-up of Travis with two of his children at a media event

“They’re buying them Prada and they’re buying them gifts, and they’re going to these events and they’re meeting Kanye and, you know, all this big stuff,” she went on. “I can’t give them that. I don’t have that. I don’t have access to that. I don’t have the money to do that. … My house isn’t a mansion like Travis’s. I don’t have a movie theater. I don’t have golf carts for you kids to drive.”

Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé at a media event

Making her thoughts clear, Shanna described the Kardashians as “disgusting” and claimed that she “removed” herself so that “they couldn’t bond” with her kids over “hating” her.

Kris and Kim with son Saint at an NBA game

Implying that she’s still estranged from her children, she added, “Go do what you guys need to do, and when you’re ready, I will be here loving you unconditionally. And I will be here as your mother, and I will wait.”

Two of Shanna's children at a media event

In the same interview, Shanna also threw serious shade at Travis and Kourtney, whom she accused of “parental alienation,” saying that her ex always wanted to one-up her by being “the ‘super dad.’”

Close-up of Travis at a media event

“‘I’m the best parent. I’m the this and that,’ and I’m like, ‘Bro, you win,’” she said of Travis. “Like, you’re the winner here. You have all the money and you have all this. You’re the winner.”

Close-up of Travis and Kourtney sitting together

And now, after all that messiness, it seems that Alabama is subtly responding to her mom’s comments.

Close-up of Alabama at a media event

On Thursday — a day after the podcast interview dropped — Alabama shared a cryptic Instagram story, seemingly about distancing herself from people who constantly let her down.

Close-up of Alabama sitting onstage and holding a microphone

“Once you stop relying on other individuals, your life will become so much better,” the post read. “Disappointment in others won’t exist.”

Screenshot of the comment on her IG story

Of course, we can’t know for sure if the post is actually directed at Shanna — though this certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Alabama has used her Instagram story to criticize her mom.

In May 2021, shortly after Shanna told TMZ that she and her kids were “alienated from each other” because of Kourtney, Alabama hit back by claiming that her mom had “never completely been in [her] life.”

Close-up of Shanna at a media event

“Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom?” the teenager wrote on Instagram at the time. “Did your moms ask to see you on Mother’s Day [because] mine didn’t? I’m done keeping it a secret, reality shows.”

Close-up of Travis and Alabama at a media event

And while Atiana has stayed quiet about the drama, Landon seems to have echoed similar thoughts, notably saying in an episode of The Kardashians that Kourtney filled a void in his life since becoming his stepmom.

Landon with Kourtney and Travis at a media event

“You look out for me like a mother and always have had my back,” he said in an emotional speech at Travis and Kourtney’s 2022 wedding. “I really think you have filled the empty spot in my heart so well and have shown me great morals that have taught me so much.”

Travis and Kourtney at the Met Gala

Amid all of this, Travis and Kourtney haven’t directly responded. The pair recently welcomed a new baby together, and a source told People magazine that they “don’t pay attention to what Shanna’s doing.”

Close-up of Kourtney and Travis smiling at each other
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