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This Is How Queer People In Orlando Are Mourning After The Pulse Shooting

In the days after the Pulse massacre, performers in Orlando’s LGBT club scene were recovering from trauma and mourning their friends. But because people have flocked to Orlando’s other gay bars, and because the rent needs to get paid, LGBT nightlife staffers have had to work through their pain in public — not to mention the emotional labor involved in being the face of a national tragedy. Here’s how they’re coping: in stolen, private moments among the queer families that love them.

When Trans Selfies In Bathrooms Go Viral

To protest anti-trans bathroom bills, some attractive, cis-passing trans people have taken selfies to show the absurdity of having to use a restroom that doesn’t match their gender identity. But do cis allies who share these images express allegiance to established gender roles as a condition of their support?