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A Woman Who Chose Not To Have Kids Is Sharing Responses To Common Questions For People Who Wish To Remain Child-Free, And It's Honestly Super Helpful

"To people who don’t want children — there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not selfish, you’re not going to be alone, you’re not missing out because you don’t miss things you do not want, and it’s ok not to want children. It doesn’t make you less than, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation."

PCOS Impacts Over 5 Million People In The United States Alone. This Woman Is Helping To Educate People On What It's Like To Live With It.

"There was a time when mentally and physically I let my PCOS symptoms consume me. I'm way past that now, but to see the response of women struggling everywhere broke my heart and took me back to a time when I was 15 and I felt so defeated and devastated by my facial hair, I knew I had to talk about this and be transparent for them and for my 15-year-old self," Torri told BuzzFeed.