Louisville Cops Left Breonna Taylor’s Body Unattended For Several Minutes Before Saying “She’s Done”

The Louisville police department released new body camera videos showing the aftermath of Breonna Taylor's shooting.

A Louisville police SWAT team left Breonna Taylor's body unattended in her hallway for several minutes after she was fatally shot by officers, according to new body camera videos released by the department on Wednesday.

"She's done... She's done," one police officer calmly says on the video after a SWAT team entered Taylor's apartment and spent several minutes clearing rooms and closets before checking on her and calling for emergency medical services.

The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) released multiple body camera videos that show what happened after officers shot and killed the unarmed 26-year-old EMT while executing a now-banned "no-knock warrant" at her home on March 13.

Before entering the apartment, the SWAT team was informed by another officer that there was a woman inside the apartment who is "supposedly dead."

Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were asleep when police rammed the door open. One of the three officers involved in Taylor's death said he saw the couple standing beside one another at the end of a corridor with Walker holding his gun drawn.

Walker shot one of the officers in the leg, later telling authorities he believed their apartment was being broken into. The police responded by firing about 20 rounds, hitting Taylor at least six times.

After the shooting, Walker left the apartment and surrendered to police. In one body camera video, Walker is heard crying while repeatedly asking officers, "What is this about?"

He is also heard telling officers that he and Taylor heard a noise and that they didn't know who was inside the apartment. One officer responds saying they announced three times "police search warrant" — a claim that is disputed by Taylor's family and has been central to the case.

"[Walker] said she’s down in there," one officer is heard telling the SWAT team as they approach the apartment. "He said, 'she's dead, she's down' but we weren't rushing in to check."

WARNING: The video is disturbing.


As the SWAT team enters the apartment, one officer is heard saying, "She’s down at the end of the hall," referring to Taylor who was lying in the hallway after being shot.

The SWAT team is seen entering slowly and clearing rooms and closets before they attend to Taylor.

"Nice and slow here, guys," one officer says.

Several minutes after the SWAT team clears the rooms, an officer can be heard saying, "Check her. We gotta check her."

An officer asks to "get EMS in here."

"Help roll her over" and "check her pulse," officers are heard saying in the video.

"Ma'am can you hear us?" one officer says, while announcing that they're with the Louisville Metro Police Department.

An officer can be heard saying Taylor has a gunshot wound to the chest.

"She's done," an officer is heard saying, while ordering the others to move out. "We’ll keep one person here on her. She's done."

None of the officers have been directly charged for Taylor's death, which has been one of the catalysts for the monthslong nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism.

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