Brian Peck Referred To A Young Leonardo DiCaprio As The “Hottest, Hunkiest Teen Idol There Is” In An Uncomfortable Resurfaced Clip Of Them On Set Together

In the 1991 footage, Brian, 31, refers to Leo as the “hottest, hunkiest teen idol there is.”

This article mentions allegations of child sex abuse and grooming.

Convicted sex offender Brian Peck has been in the headlines in recent weeks because of ID’s upcoming TV series Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.

Brian Peck looking at the camera

Earlier this month, Drake Bell broke his silence for the upcoming docuseries, coming forward and claiming that he is the child actor who was involved in the case.

Drake Bell in the trailer for Quiet on Set

Per Variety, Drake says that he would often spend the night at Brian’s house, but “everything changed with Brian one morning.”

Drake Bell age 14

Brian ended up being arrested after Drake’s then-girlfriend’s mother realized that something was wrong and took Drake to a therapist, which resulted in the police being contacted.

Brian Peck in 2012

Rider was just 16 years old when he first met Brian, Will was 19, and Brian was 37. Despite the large age gap, Rider and Will alleged that Brian infiltrated their social circles and became one of their closest friends.

Rider Strong and Will Friedle in 1999

And the renewed interest in his case has led to an uncomfortable clip of Brian with a young Leonardo DiCaprio resurfacing online.

Brian Peck with Leonardo DicCaprio in 1991

While Leo, 49, is currently known as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, many forget that he actually started out as a child actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio in a black suit at the AFI Awards against a floral backdrop

Following brief appearances in a variety of TV shows from the age of 5, Leo was 15 years old when he landed his breakout role in the ’90s TV series Parenthood.

Young Leonardo DiCaprio smiling, wearing a floral patterned shirt

The following year, he starred as Luke Brower in the TV series Growing Pains, which is where he worked with Brian.

Young Leonardo DiCaprio posing casually, wearing a camouflage jacket and denim

In behind-the-scenes footage from the show that was filmed in December 1991 — when Leo was 17 years old — then-31-year-old Brian can be seen interacting with Leo on set while working as a stand-in.

Brian Peck with Leonardo DicCaprio in 1991

Elsewhere, Brian tells the camera, “Leo, as you know, is the latest, hottest, hunkiest teen idol there is. Look!” Gesturing up and down over Leo’s body, he adds, “Speaking of hunky, huh?”

Brian Peck and Leonardo DiCaprio in 1991

Interestingly, Drake’s father references this footage in Quiet on Set, purportedly saying, “I saw this video of Brian Peck on Growing Pains with Leonardo DiCaprio grabbing his shoulders and running [his hand] down his arm. That’s the kind of behavior I saw him with my son. The same freaking behavior.”

Brian Peck and Leonardo DiCaprio in 1991

You can watch the full clip of Leo and Brian below:

View this video on YouTube

ABC / Via

Quiet on Set will air on ID on March 17 and 18 and will be available to stream on Max.

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