Nicola Peltz Just Revealed The Brutal Reason Why She Had To Cut Her Husband Brooklyn Beckham’s Cameo In Her Movie, And She’s Honestly So Real For It

After watching her husband’s attempt at acting, Nicola remembers thinking: “Oh god, we have to move on. Good lord.”

Back in 2022, Nicola Peltz Beckham revealed that she had unceremoniously axed her husband, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s, cameo from her directorial debut.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz

Speaking to Style magazine at the time, Nicola admitted that she had to be cutthroat after being left unimpressed by Brooklyn’s acting skills — and even went so far as to delete his cameo while he was sitting in the editing room next to her.

Closeup of Brooklyn and Nicola

And with Nicola’s long-awaited movie Lola finally being released earlier this month, the star shed a bit more light on what Brooklyn was doing wrong during the shoot.

Screenshot from "Lola"

And people have admitted to finding this anecdote “weirdly” endearing, with Nicola also being praised for putting the greater good of her movie above her husband’s feelings.

Closeup of Brooklyn Beckham

Generally speaking, people have been warming up to Brooklyn in recent months after years of him being relentlessly ridiculed on the internet for his nepotism.

Brooklyn with his parents, Victoria and David Beckham

In fact, the British star has been called the “perfect” husband, and even described as a man “written by a woman” by the couple’s social media followers due to his unwavering devotion.

This was exemplified on Nicola’s 29th birthday last month, when she revealed that Brooklyn had insisted on making her a birthday cake from scratch. One person commented at the time: “He could buy her an expensive fancy cake but he insists on making her one. It’s sweet.”

“I am 100% all for this kind of golden retriever guy. He’s trying so hard! Was the cake edible? Who knows, who cares!” another agreed, while somebody else admitted: “Brooklyn Beckham is someone I've now come full circle on and root for.”

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