People Are Now Saying That We “Need More Men Like” Brooklyn Beckham After They Realized He’s “The Perfect Husband” And “Super Sweet”

We all owe Brooklyn Beckham an apology.

In recent years, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham has become somewhat of a meme for his ever-growing resumé after drifting from career to career.

As the oldest child of David and Victoria Beckham, it was only natural that his first port of call would be to try and follow in his soccer legend father’s footsteps.

Arsenal Football Club snapped Brooklyn up as a youth prospect when he was just a teen before they ultimately let him go at the age of 16.

This marked the beginning of several short-lived ventures into the working world, with Brooklyn going on to embrace his photography passion with the hope of earning a degree from New York’s Parsons School of Design.

During this period, he released a photography book called What I See — which ended up being widely mocked — and he also dropped out of school the following year.

Despite this, Brooklyn attempted to stick with photography and began an internship with world-famous British photographer Rankin in 2019, but sources claimed at the time that he was a total novice when it came to the craft.

After this knock back, Brooklyn tried his hand at modeling and became the face of British streetwear brand Superdry, but the company confirmed that he was no longer with them in April 2021 — less than a year after his contract began.

Now 23, Brooklyn is currently marketing himself as a chef with a side hustle in canned saké.

Brooklyn himself acknowledged his multiple career false starts during an interview with Variety last year, where he insisted that cooking is the one that is going to stick.

“They were kind of all hobbies. I was still trying to find that one thing I would literally die for, and I found that with cooking,” he said.

But the critics remain unconvinced. And when Brooklyn kicked off the new year by uploading a video on how to cook a traditional Sunday roast dinner, he was mercilessly dragged by viewers who pointed out that his beef looked “raw.”

The online beating got so bad that his mom, Victoria, ended up swooping to his defense by sharing the video to her Instagram story and telling her followers: “It’s rare people not raw.”

And while Brooklyn doesn’t seem to have let the nasty comments break his spirit, some have claimed to have discovered what his true “calling” in life is — and it might just surprise you.

In lieu of a career path, followers have credited Brooklyn’s attentive devotion to his wife, Nicola Peltz Beckham, as his biggest talent after being given an insight into their relationship via various social media posts.

Online PDAs have been part and parcel of Brooklyn and Nicola’s romance ever since they started dating in October 2019.

In fact, the young couple are so in love that Brooklyn proposed after less than a year together, and they got married in April 2022.

But in addition to their relationship, Nicola often shares glimpses into other aspects of her personal life on social media — including her friendships.

The actor is good friends with pop star Selena Gomez, and in November she hosted a “girls night” viewing party to celebrate the release of Selena’s documentary My Mind & Me.

Nicola shared photos of herself, Selena, Selena’s younger sister, and three other pals wearing matching pink pajamas to her Instagram page as she documented the night.

Among the pictures was a shot of Brooklyn alone in the kitchen shaking a cocktail mixer, presumably making drinks for the party.

In the post’s caption, Nicola thanked her husband for providing them all with “the best food everrrrr” as she confirmed that he had been the girls’ private chef for the night as well as their mixologist.

More recently, Selena shared photos from her New Year celebrations with Brooklyn and Nicola. She even joked in a post full of photos of the three of them together: “Fine calls us a throuple #foreverplusone”

Amid the photos was a shot of Nicola lying between Brooklyn and Selena as they all cuddled up together on a boat. In another of Selena’s posts, Brooklyn can be seen crouching down with a camera in order to get the perfect photo of the two women in their matching dresses.

And none of this has gone unnoticed, with a TikTok video racking up thousands of likes after user @amandachristine_1 pointed out that Brooklyn is a “‘one of the girls' type of husband.”

Amanda shared a selection of screen grabs in the video to back up her claim, including one of Brooklyn wearing a pink apron with the slogan, “At your service, girls,” during one of Nicola’s girls’ nights.

“He is always there for girls’ night as an active participant,” Amanda explained. “Here he is wearing an apron that says ‘at your service, girls.’”

“Or he’s helping the girlies put on their fake nails,” she added with another supporting photo. “Or just simply being an IG husband.”

And it didn’t take long for the people in the comments to agree that Brooklyn does indeed appear to be “the perfect husband” in terms of getting along with Nicola’s women friends, being attentive to their needs, and happy to get involved.

“we need more men like him 🥰,” one comment read. Another agreed: “They’re the best not the *in bro voice* ‘I’m too manly to go get you pads’ or ‘cooking is too girly for me.’”

“he seems like the perfect husband 🥰,” someone else swooned. One more wrote: “Nicola is so lucky.”

“istg fav moment of him is when he was cuddling with nicola and selena. that photo is so cute,” another fan added. Someone else added: “he was written by a woman tbh.”

Many credited Victoria for the way that she had raised her son, with one comment reading: “His momma raised him right.”

And one user even alluded to Brooklyn’s various career paths as they said: ”Finally found his calling 🥰”

“I dont get the hate on him,” another added. “He seems super sweet.”

Thankfully, the hate mentioned doesn’t get under Brooklyn’s skin, and last year he told Variety that as long as he is happy he isn’t bothered by the naysayers.

“I always wish them well, the haters,” he explained. “I’m just doing what I love doing, staying healthy, being happy, and that’s what it is.”

And who could possibly argue with that?

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