People Are Calling Out Other Celebrities’ “Performative Activism” As They Heaped Praise On Olivia Rodrigo For Providing Emergency Contraception At Her Concerts While Raising Money For Reproductive Healthcare

After Olivia “put her money where her mouth is” when it comes to abortion rights, people want other celebs to "take note."

Ever since a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion revealed the court’s early vote to overturn Roe v. Wade back in May 2022, Olivia Rodrigo has used her platform to raise awareness.

Olivia Rodrigo wearing butterfly clips in her hair at a gala event

Once again, Olivia wasted no time in speaking out, and used her performance at England’s Glastonbury musical festival to publicly call out the five conservative justices for not giving “a shit about freedom.”

Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen on stage at Glastonbury

And almost two years later, Olivia remains just as dedicated to the cause, with the singer winning widespread praise when she revealed her Fund 4 Good initiative, as she kicked off her Guts World Tour last month, which "works to support all women, girls and people seeking reproductive health freedom."

Olivia Rodrigo on stage holding a megaphone and her mic tucked in the side of her pants

Sharing a picture of two packets of Julie as well as abortion information with Olivia’s Guts branding on it, the fan wrote: “free planb at @oliviarodrigo in st. louis tonight thank you @MOAbortionFund,” and the tweet quickly went viral.

free planb at @oliviarodrigo in st. louis tonight 💓 thank you

— kin ⸆⸉ (@cowboylikekin) March 12, 2024
Twitter @cowboylikekin / Via Twitter: @cowboylikekin

After being viewed more than five million times, the tweet has racked up thousands of retweets and likes, with Olivia being celebrated for being a “pro-active activist” and using her platform to actually make an impact.

Discussing the tweet on a Reddit forum, one person wrote: “What a girl’s girl. She really walks the walk. If this is any indication of the next generation I’m so stoked and excited.”

Olivia Rodrigo on stage in sparkly top and skirt, performing with her arms outstretched

In addition to her Fund 4 Good initiative and handouts at her shows, after each of her concerts, Olivia has used her Instagram account — which has more than 36 million followers — to shout out and platform organizations that support reproductive healthcare and are local to each city.

Olivia Rodrigo's instagram story supporting fund 4 good

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