After Facing Fierce Backlash For A Problematic Domestic Violence Joke In November, Matt Rife Apparently Poked Fun At The Total Lack Of Consequences He Faced

After his Netflix special sparked controversy in November, Matt is said to have mocked the total lack of consequences he has faced.

In November, comic Matt Rife came under scrutiny when his Netflix special, Natural Selection, premiered.

Matt Rife on stage with microphone, pointing forward, against a dark background with Netflix logo

The special was filmed in Washington, DC, and begins with Matt comparing “ratchet” Baltimore to “beautiful” Maryland. Discussing the former, Matt tells the audience: "I've only been to Baltimore one time, and the hostess who seats you had a black eye.”

Closeup of Matt Rife

Despite this, it was later confirmed that Matt has two more specials in the works with Netflix, and on Wednesday, he performed a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl as part of the Netflix Is a Joke Festival.

Matt Rife posing at an event wearing a denim jacket and a white shirt, standing before a backdrop with logos

Needless to say, Variety’s report has not been well-received, with people discussing Matt’s new material on a Reddit forum.

Matt Rife smiling with short hair, wearing a T-shirt with "The Beatles" text, in front of a blurred backdrop

Matt previously sparked ridicule for insisting that his physical appearance makes it harder to be a comedian, telling Men’s Health last year: “People don’t want to laugh at physically attractive people, you don’t want to walk on stage and have people looking at your arms rather than listening to your jokes.”

Matt Rife in monochrome outfit with open collared shirt, matching pants, and a tucked white T-shirt

Matt often references his conventional good looks in his standup sets, but footage of him looking remarkably different in 2015, at age 20, on the MTV show Wild ’N Out has sparked speculation that he has had either plastic surgery or facial filler to transform his appearance over the years.

Matt Rife in 2015

Matt faced a similar reaction the following month after he was accused of starting “beef” with a 6-year-old boy on social media. The planet-obsessed son of TikToker Bunny Hedaya was featured in one of her videos to correct Matt’s reference to Jupiter in a clip from his standup that was going viral at the time.

Matt Rife in a denim outfit sitting and speaking into a microphone at an event

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