A Plastic Surgeon Joked About Creating “The Greatest Jawline Ever Seen” On An Unnamed Star Who Just Got “Canceled,” And For Some Reason, Matt Rife Publicly Responded

Matt has repeatedly insisted that his remarkable physical transformation in recent years is purely down to late puberty and “Doctor G-O-D.”

As you’re probably aware, comic Matt Rife has been under scrutiny in recent weeks following the release of his Netflix special, Natural Selection.

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Matt got his big break after blowing up on TikTok last year, building himself a pretty huge online following that was mostly made up of women.

TikTok @matt_rife / Via tiktok.com

So when he started the special with a joke about domestic violence, fans were left horrified — especially as he had previously admitted that he had consciously tailored his show to men.

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Speaking to Variety ahead of its release, Matt said that he gets “ridiculed” for having women fans as he insisted: “Despite what you think about me online, I don’t pander my career to women.”

Matt Rife onstage

This apparent chip on his shoulder seems to be linked to Matt’s insecurity over his looks, with the comic being renowned for his chiseled jawline and high cheekbones. In recent months, he has repeatedly spoken out about how hard it is to be physically attractive as a comedian.

Closeup of Matt Rife

In an interview with Men’s Health back in August, he said: “I’ve been doing stand-up for a little over 12 years now. I will say, I don't think it helps you by any means — people don’t want to laugh at physically attractive people, you don’t want to walk on stage and have people looking at your arms rather than listening to your jokes.”

closeup of Matt Rife in a hoodie and a beanie

Matt went on to add that his looks force him to “work that much harder” on his material.

Matt Rife onstage

And in a viral clip from his stand-up, Matt tells the audience: “I’m good looking, I don’t like it any more than you guys do.”

Closeup of Matt Rife

But people can't help but notice that Matt looked remarkably different at the start of his career, when he was cast in the MTV improv show Wild ’N Out in 2015.

closeup of Matt Rife

Matt would have been around 20 when he made his first appearance, and he is almost unrecognizable to his current self in old clips.

Closeup of Matt Rife

This has prompted speculation that Matt had either plastic surgery or facial filler to achieve his new look, but he has repeatedly insisted that it was actually just a natural "glow up” due to late puberty.

Closeup of Matt Rife

“This shit just happened,” he said during one of his stand-up routines. “Puberty hit me so disrespectfully late — I was ugly as shit for the first 22 years of my life.”

TikTok @800pgm / Via tiktok.com

And during an appearance on the Cancelled with Tana Mongeau podcast earlier this year, he addressed the rumors that he’d undergone cosmetic procedures.

Closeup of Matt Rife sitting on a couch for the podcast interview

Asked by the host if he’d had anything done, Matt said: “Not a single fucking thing. I just kept getting older I guess, it’s so funny. The only thing I’ve had done is my teeth — I got veneers, obviously, because my teeth were fucked when I was a kid.”

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“But it’s so fucking funny to me,” he reiterated. “People’s number one online insult is: ‘Well, as least I don’t have plastic surgery,’ cool, neither do I. I’ve had people who claim to be plastic surgeons that’ll be like: ‘He’s had this…’ and I’m like, cool, you’re not only lying but you’re wrong at your job.”


Matt Rife’s Glowup #cancelledpodcast @Matt Rife @Tana Mongeau @Brooke Schofield

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“I’m like, thanks, people pay for this? That’s so crazy!” Matt continued. “Shoutout to doctor G-O-D!”

Closeup of Matt Rife

But despite Matt’s insistence that his glow-up was entirely natural, the speculation has continued to grow — and reached a fever pitch on Tuesday when plastic surgeon TikToker @manyfacesofchicago uploaded a new video.

In the clip, the surgeon — Dr. Benjamin Caughlin MD, FACS — is shown reacting to a caption that reads: “Me after creating the greatest jawline ever seen just for my patient to get canceled right after…”

TikTok @manyfacesofchicago / Via tiktok.com

He added in the description: “He shall not be named… #cancelled #jawlinecheck #comedian #standup #celeb”

Screenshot from TikTok

The video immediately went viral and has been viewed almost 14 million times, with over a million likes. It was also shared to the account’s Instagram page, which is where the situation came to a head when Matt took it upon himself to comment on the post: “Lying about medical history is illegal, just FYI.”

"Lying about medical history is illegal, just FYI!"

Needless to say, this caused a pretty big stir, and other users replied to his comment to share their reaction. One of the top responses points out: “@mattrife he didn’t even mention you 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️”

"he didn't even mention you"

“✨gasp✨… whose medical history is he lying about? Spill that tea sis ☕️ 👀” another user replied.

"spill that tea sis"

“Bro’ why you commenting. No one has mentioned you. You give yourself away 😩 Delete! I had no clue what he was talking about, I doubt anyone else knew either,” someone else added.

"I doubt anyone else knew either"

Others alluded to Matt’s problematic joke in his Netflix special, which he’d previously acknowledged the backlash to when he shared a link to his “apology” on his Instagram story only for it to lead to an e-shop for “special needs helmets.”

Closeup of Matt Rife

“Matt…are you not able to take a joke??????? 🙂” one asked. Another echoed: “but its a joke? I thought you could joke about anything?”

"are you not able to take a joke??????"
"but it's a joke?"

One more quoted Matt’s own Instagram profile as they commented: “As your profile says… 'Stop taking the internet so seriously.’ 😂”

"Stop taking the internet so seriously".
Screenshot of Matt's Instagram profile

Matt’s comment comes after another clip from his appearance on Tana’s Cancelled podcast went viral earlier this week for the way that the host brutally shut down his theory as to why people "hate" him.

Closeup of Matt Rife on the red carpet with a backwards cap

Speaking in the episode, Matt said: “Here’s a very humbling epiphany that I’ve had recently, because so many fucking people hate me for really no reason, and it made me realize that people only hate somebody they’re jealous of.”

Closeup of Matt Rife

“I’ve been guilty of hating people,” he added. “And when I really sat back and thought about it, it was because I was jealous of where that person was in their life, like, I felt like they got an opportunity that maybe I should have gotten.”

crying over Matt Rife on Tana’s podcast looking like an idiot pic.twitter.com/HErfKKv12p

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“That’s a really, really good well-rounded answer that I’m trying to wrap my head around,” Tana replied earnestly, to which Matt proudly responded: “Thank you.”

Closeup of Tana Mongeau

Only for the host to then ask: “Do you think people who hate Osama bin Laden are just jealous of him?”

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