Mark Ronson Shared A Photo Of His Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Ripped Up In The Trash After He Didn’t Win, And People Are Seriously Divided

Mark has been branded a “diva” and “embarrassing” for his latest Instagram post, but there’s a chance that it has been wildly misinterpreted.

The 2024 awards season is officially underway, with the Golden Globes causing a social media storm on Sunday night.

The audience listening as host Jo Koy speaks onstage

Host Jo Koy received widespread backlash for his controversial opening monologue, Selena Gomez caused a stir when she was caught gossiping with Taylor Swift partway through the night, and Brie Larson couldn’t contain herself when she met her idol Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet.

selena leaning over to talk to taylor swift

Of course, there were a whole bunch of winners who made the headlines, too. Lily Gladstone made history as the first indigenous woman to win a Golden Globe following her performance in Killers of the Flower Moon, and Kieran Culkin couldn’t resist jokingly shading Pedro Pascal as he accepted his award for Best TV Drama actor.

Kieran Culkin backstage with his Golden Globe

Ayo Edebiri was praised for using her acceptance speech to shout out assistants, Christopher Nolan honored late actor Heath Ledger, and Cillian Murphy accepted his Golden Globe with lipstick all over his nose from his wife’s excited display of affection before he made his way up to the stage.

Ayo Edebiri holding up her award as she smiles backstage

And amid all of the excitement from the winners on the night, it’s easy to forget about the nominees who ultimately ended up going home empty-handed.

The cast and director of Poor Things pose for photos backstage with their awards

After all, most winners take to the microphone with a well-prepared acceptance speech ready to go — but what happens to the speeches of all of those who don’t get called up to the stage?

Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. pose for photos backstage as they hold their individual awards

Well, Mark Ronson has let us know.

The British-born music producer had two nominations in the Best Original Song in Film category on Sunday night for his work on Barbie; his Dua Lipa collaboration “Dance The Night,” as well as the movie’s standout musical performance of “I’m Just Ken,” led by Ryan Gosling.

Mark and Ryan on the pink carpet for the Barbie premiere

But while Barbie did end up winning this category, Mark did not, with the award going to Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas for their emotional song, “What Was I Made For?”

Finneas and Billie hold their awards backstage

And Mark acknowledged this double loss on his Instagram page on Monday, sharing a photo of his ripped-up, handwritten acceptance speech in the trash. The star did not add any further comment to the photo, which was included in a carousel post from the night.

However, the mere inclusion of this picture proved to be enough to seriously divide people, with Mark being accused of being a sore loser and even ridiculed for thinking that he could win over Billie’s song. Others claimed misogyny, insisting that Mark had missed the point of Barbie, and claiming that a woman celebrity wouldn’t dare post such a photo.

Reacting to the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person wrote: “Imagine throwing this kind of fit over a golden globe… save this energy for the oscars diva.”

Somebody else added: “Billie lost 7 grammys and didn’t act like this …. god i hate you men.” Another agreed: “This is the most embarrassing thing you could ever post but okay.”

“No way he thought i’m just ken was gonna win over a ballad by ms eilish like,” one more wrote. Somebody else even claimed: “If a woman did this, she would be held at a gunpoint by now.”

Another X user echoed: “just imagine if taylor swift did for all the awards she's ever lost....lmfao the floodgates of misogynistic hell would be unleashed on her under the camouflage of ‘culture critique’ and ‘eat the rich.’”

“The golden globes last night proved one thing: men are egotistical butthurt toddlers who can’t stand to see a woman succeed or be comfortable in a space,” somebody else added.

“The way we don’t give a flying fuck, like how woefully obtuse can you be to be acting like this when you’re apart [sic] of the Barbie movie,” one more concluded.

However, many others have been left confused by this dramatic reaction to Mark’s post, pointing out that he was quite clearly poking fun at himself and taking the loss in his stride.

After all, Mark was actually a co-producer on “What Was I Made For?" While it is only the songwriters who are credited in the category, he is likely to have still taken pride in the song’s win.

mark with dua lipa and billie eilish

Also, Mark took to his Instagram story to congratulate Billie and Finneas on their win after the ceremony — suggesting that there aren’t any hard feelings.

One person tweeted: “Why are people taking this seriously, he’s so clearly joking just like how jlaw was saying ‘if i dont win im leaving’ on camera…. like he has an OSCAR with gaga and more importantly a sense of humor… leave him alone omg he’s just being silly.”

“He has said before that he thinks Billie Eilish is one of the most talented musicians of our lifetime. I’m sure he was very excited to see her win. This was clearly a joke, or an attempt at one anyways,” somebody else added on a Reddit forum.

“I feel like he did it as a joke but didn’t make that clear enough,” one more agreed. Another commented: “He wrote I’m Just Ken so obviously he has a sense of humor and is just making fun. He produced Billie’s Barbie song that won so clearly he’s not upset in the least (and def not over a Golden Globe!)”

The homage to “I’m Just Ken” was also pointed out, with somebody commenting: “It's a very 'Ken' thing to do, so I thought it was a joke too.” Another joked: “The Kenergy of it all 😝.”

The Kenergy of it all

While one more Redditor made a pretty valid point as they defended the fact the unused speech was in the trash, asking: “Where else would it go though 😭”

Mark has not responded to the confusion over his post, and BuzzFeed has contacted his rep for comment.

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