Days After Kim Kardashian Was Branded “Desperate For Money” For Trying To Sell Her “Dirty” Birkin, Kylie Jenner Has Been Called “Cheap” Amid A Small Business Owner’s Exposé

The cake exposé comes just days after Kylie’s big sister Kim Kardashian was branded “desperate for money” for trying to sell a “dirty” Birkin to her fans.

Last week, people were left questioning if the Kardashians are “desperate for money” after they noticed that Kim Kardashian was trying to sell her “dirty” Birkin handbag to fans for $70,000.

Kim Kardashian in a velvet gown with a statement silver jeweled choker

And just days later, the famous family’s approach to their finances has been called out again — but this time it was Kim’s billionaire little sister Kylie Jenner at the center of the discourse.

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“I was reached out to over a month ago and I told them the price after the first email,” she wrote. “I even tried to hold off on orders mid next month because I was excited by the opportunity. I was even willing to have it coincide with a pop up in LA so that I would be able to cover the cost of travel and accommodation myself.”

kylie jenner in a strapless black gown with feathery sleeves, sunglasses, and large earrings

Amy shared a screenshot of the email, which had the subject line “RE: [LA] Kardashian/Jenner Event Inquiry.” The message read: “Hi Amy, We actually just heard back today and they won’t have the budget to accommodate.”

kylie jenner wearing a white outfit

“Had they said something like ‘we are not doing any desserts any more’ then I would be like ok," she insisted. “But the price?”

Kylie Jenner in a dress with a draped neckline and cut-out details, wearing sunglasses

“For all the elaborate parties and events they throw you’d think they could spend some money on a cake, but I guess they’re still too cheap,” one person wrote on a Reddit forum.

“That’s embarrassing for the family 😵‍💫😵‍💫” somebody else commented. Another echoed: “‘Billionaire’ that can’t even afford a cake, that’s a little embarrassing…”

But some cynics had other ideas, with many social media users theorizing that Kylie thought that she would be able to get a cake for free due to the exposure that she can offer the small business on social media. 

“More than likely they reached out to multiple bakers and went with whomever was cheapest/willing to do it for exposure,” one person claimed. 

Somebody else added: “So true, I bet they are trying this in all directions and are just waiting who will be in to ‘take this exceptional and unrepeatable’ chance to make something for KarJenners in hope of their brand visibility but they are just cheap.”

“They thought she would just offer it free since it's them,” one more agreed. 

The Kardashian-Jenners are well-known for their parties, with the family regularly documenting elaborate events for each of their birthdays as well as holidays on Instagram.

While it is unknown which event this particular cake was being arranged for, it is Robert Kardashian’s birthday in mid-March — which also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day.

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