People Are Wondering If The Kardashians Are “Desperate For Money” After Noticing That Billionaire Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Sell A “Dirty” Birkin Handbag For $70k

“Seriously how desperate are they for money?” one horrified fan asked.

It is pretty well known that before Kim Kardashian became famous, she had created a lucrative side hustle for herself where she would clear out and organize her wealthy friends’ closets.

Kim Kardashian wearing a strapless black top, with straight long hair, looking forward

And while Kim is now one of the most rich and famous people in the world, and even earned billionaire status in 2021, she hasn’t let go of her pre-fame money-making scheme.

Kim Kardashian wearing a halter neck dress with a cross detail

And a recent listing on the site has crossed a line for fans, with Kim being called out for selling a “dirty” Hermès purse for $69,995.00.

Kim Kardashian in a white oversized shirt with print, walking with a bodyguard in the background

Sharing the photos to a Reddit forum, one horrified user wrote: “Kim's dirty Birkin Can be yours for only $70k!” before adding: “Seriously how desperate are they for money? And why does no one find it strange that these 'billionaires' are selling their second hand clothes? 😭”

“This is so embarrassing. Why don't they get it restored by H before selling it?” another user asked, to which somebody else replied: “Or even just spend thirty seconds wiping it with a wet cloth."

“The hardware is all scuffed and dull, the edges are worn and slightly frayed, and it’s discolored from makeup/tanner. Just wow. Anyone who buys this from them is an idiot, they can’t even be bothered to restore it or have it stored properly,” one more wrote.

Somebody else agreed: “The nerve to list at that price with all of the discolouration [sic] in the handles and wear & tear on the bottom and lower corners.” While another user summarized: “70 k for a dirty bag, holy hell!”

Kim has not acknowledged the backlash to her bag, but it is still available to buy for $69,995 plus $14.95 shipping if you’re interested.

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